15 Yummy Ways to Transform Thanksgiving Leftovers – $5 Dinner

Say goodbye to boring leftovers and stop worrying about food waste. These Thanksgiving leftover recipes are groundbreaking and the whole family will love them!

15 ways to transform Thanksgiving leftovers

It’s quite traditional to enjoy a break from the kitchen after Thanksgiving, as many leftovers can be thrown at hungry family members. But what do you do when you’re fed up with reheated turkey and stuffing? They add a few new ingredients and spices and turn those boring leftovers into new delicious dishes that will keep everyone happy without wasting food!

Get inspired by these 15 recipes to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into new delicious dishes…

Butternut Cranberry Rice Pilaf recipe

Use leftover sides to prepare new side dishes

fried rice with leftover turkey

Use leftover turkey (and other proteins) with fresh main courses

Pretzel Buns---Turkey Crane

Turn leftovers into amazing sandwiches

Butternut Squash Muffins

Sweet potatoes and squash are NOT just for dinner

Enjoy your leftovers from Friday!

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