18 Best Vegan Recipes of 2022

These are some of your favorite recipes from 2022! Easy vegan recipes like my Gluten-Free Almond Flour Naan, Spicy Urad Dal, Snickers Baked Oatmeal, Samosa Pie, Liquid Mozzarella and more!

These are some of your favorite recipes from 2022!  Easy vegan recipes like my Gluten-Free Almond Flour Naan, Spicy Urad Dal, Snickers Baked Oatmeal, Samosa Pie, Liquid Mozzarella and more!

That’s a wrap – contains the best recipes of 2022 This year I put up 130 new recipes! I made a new cookbook! My Instant Pot Cookbook has 150 recipes, with several variations which means over 150 dishes!, It’s 400 pages, 2.5 pounds thick, loads of photos and great print! Some of the popular recipes in the book include Mushroom Stroganoff, Lentils, Red Beans, Mason Jar Pancakes!, Mac and Cheese, Alfredo Fettuccine, Feather Tofu, Dum Aloo (potatoes in curry sauce), Baingan Bharta (eggplant with Indian spices) and Strawberry Cheesecake!

This blog roundup includes some popular dishes and some vegan takes on regional Indian dishes This year I hope to make more regional Indian dishes, make some longer videos with tips and details on recipes, and hopefully do more lives and Q&As.

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Let’s get to your favorite of the year…

Best Vegan Recipes of 2022 on VeganRicha.com

Vegan Samosa Pie

Like samosas? You have to make this samosa pie! It’s like a giant veggie samosa and has everything we love about samosas…but in giant pie form! This is a great tasting pie perfect for the holidays but also makes for a great party food. Gluten-free and nut-free options.

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Vegan Vietnamese-inspired Caramelized Lentil Pork Bowl

Vietnamese-inspired caramelized pork bowl is my vegetarian take Caramelized ground pork Using lentils instead of meat. The dish comes together so quickly and is packed with flavor. My new favorite way to serve lentils! Nut Free Vegan Recipes Gluten-free options.

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Vegan gluten-free naan almond flour flatbread

Gluten Free Almond Flour Naan – A delicious Indian flatbread that uses low carb almond flour and goes perfectly with all Indian dishes, it’s a great side to soup or salad. Grainfree yeast-free soyfree vegan Indian bread recipe. 14 grams of carbs per naan. No rolling out and kneading the dough is required

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Instant pulse Bukhara

Instant Pot Dal Bukhara – Try this easy creamy black lentils made in the Instant Pot using my dump and done method. A rich, slow-cooked whole black gram curry recipe made with tomato puree, vegan butter and vegan cream. Gluten-free soyfree, easily nut-free

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Almond Dough Ginger Cookies

Almond Flour Ginger Molasses Cookies – These are bursting with flavors of ginger, cinnamon, allspice and brown sugar and are wonderfully soft and chewy. Grainfree 1 Bowl Vegan Paleo.

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Khada masala chicken curry with baked tofu

You must try this Vegan Khada Masala Murg – a delicious dhaba-style vegan chicken curry with oven-baked tofu simmered in a ridiculously aromatic sauce made with a blend of Indian whole spices. Serve with rice or flat bread. Gluten-free Nut-free. Syafree alternative

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No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

These 5 Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies come together super quickly and satisfy cookie, fudge, and quick snack cravings! Use almond butter for peanut-free and sunflower seed butter for nut-free.

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South Indian Eggplant Curry Baked Recipe

This South Indian Baked Eggplant Curry is made in the oven instead of the skillet. Eggplant/aubergines and red lentils baked in a fragrant spiced tomato coconut milk sauce. Best served over rice or as a soup! It is gluten free, nut free and soy free.

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Spicy urad dal

Spicy urad dal – asA simple yet delicious vegan Indian dal recipe with black chickpeas in a fragrant Indian gravy makes the perfect comfort food dish to add to your weeknight or weekend dinner rotation. Gluten-free Syafry nut free

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Spinach potato filling naan roti

This vegan stuffed spinach potato and cheese bread recipe turns out perfect every time, with no added yeast! Thanks to the mix of dairy-free yogurt and baking powder. Served brushed with garlic butter – so good! Syafree Nutfree. Includes gluten-free options. Makes 3-4 naans

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Vegan Baklava Cookies

These gluten-free vegan baklava cookies have all the flavors of the famous Middle Eastern almond dessert! Super easy and delicious! They are made with almond flour and are therefore completely gluten-free and grain-free. They make a decadent snack or dessert!

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Spicy Tofu Spinach Stir Fry (15 minutes 1 pan)

An easy spicy spinach tofu stir-fry that can be made in 1 pot in 15 minutes. This recipe is a life saver at dinner time. Weeknight Indian Spicy Tofu Spinach with almost no chops! Gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free options.

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Vegan Tex Mex Rice Casserole

This Tex Mex Rice Casserole makes for a delicious one-pan meal your whole family will love! It’s family-friendly, budget-friendly, gluten-free, simple and packed with easily replaceable ingredients! Also suitable for food preparation. Gluten-free nut-free soyfree

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Chana Pulao Casserole or Baked Spiced Chickpea Rice Casserole

Baked Chana Pulao is a simple and easy, baked chickpea rice pilaf that is quick to put together but loaded with flavor. Serve with my quick raita. Gluten free.

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Liquid Mozzarella Pizza

Learn how to make the perfect vegan liquid mozzarella to drizzle over homemade vegan pizza to create melty, melty, and stretchy cheese perfection! Includes gluten-free options.

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Snickers Baked Oats Vegan

This Vegan Snickers Baked Oatmeal Recipe Will Be Your New Favorite Breakfast Meal! It only takes a few minutes to prepare and tastes just like your favorite chocolate bar! Sweet, nutty, caramely – the best way to start the day. Gluten-free Syafry. Nut-free options

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Vegan Baked Chana Saag

Try this easy vegan baked chana saag recipe! A fragrant spinach and chickpea curry cooked in a casserole dish with onions, tomatoes and garam masala. Such a comfort food is served with rice or any bread of your choice. Glutenfree soyfree nutfree

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Vegan Lentil Tadka Indian Split Red Lentils

Restaurant-style lentil tadka (Indian split red lentils marinated in whole spices) Easy to make, super comforting, creamy, and oh so flavorful! Gluten free soyfree nut free coconut free

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honorable mention

Vegan Pepperoni with Chickpea Flour (Gluten Free and Nut Free)

Vegan pepperoni from scratch with minimal effort! No kneading! It is made with chickpea flour and is therefore gluten-free. Just mix/mix and pressure cook! No standing around, no elbow grease! Delicious on sandwiches, pizza toppings or on a vegan charcuterie board! Gluten-free nutfree recipe

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