22 Healthy Foodie Gifts They’ll Love

Do you have a foodie in your life? You know, those people who love trying new foods has take a photo before they start eating or do they always have trendy food? Here are 22 healthy foodie gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit!

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Person holding a phone and taking a photo of served food

1. Emotional Support Water Bottle

The foodie in your life is guaranteed to already have a water bottle that they carry around like it’s attached to them. That doesn’t mean they don’t need another! There’s something about carrying a cute mug that makes drinking water easier.

2. Edible arrangement

Your average person loves receiving flowers. your average Gourmet is happy about an edible arrangement. This is a fruit bouquet in the shape of flowers with some pieces dipped in chocolate. This is the best idea when you need it send Your present!

3. Cutting boards as healthy foodie gifts

There are two different routes you can take if you want to buy one for a foodie. You could get a beautiful or more practical wooden chopping board.

You can buy cheaper wooden cutting boards or slightly more expensive ones that may be made from a higher quality wood. If you want to make it a little more personal, you can have one engraved with your friend’s name on Etsy.

Did you know that you are supposed to cut and produce your meat on separate cutting boards? Now you do! This pack of plastic cutting boards is non-slip and has small illustrations of what each one should be used for!

healthy foodie gifts of cutting boards

4. Air Fryer

Almost everyone now has an Airfryer. Be sure to check if the foodie in your life has one before gifting them one. Having one is great, but having two is a bit unnecessary. Now that they are so widely available, they have become quite affordable. This one from Amazon is cute and under $60!

5. Funny foods

There are so many fun foods on the market now. Your foodie LOVES to give them all a taste. I said these would be healthy foodie gifts, but I mean everything in moderation, right!? The topic? They can get pretty expensive. Grab some fun foods for your meal i.e. to taste!

  • nut butter
    • Use this link or code pieceoflulu to get 10% off Nuts’n’More nut butters. I maximum Recommend their chocolate cookie dough and white chocolate pretzel flavors!
  • protein powder
    • People all have their preferences as to what protein powders they like. I’d say a peanut butter chocolate is pretty safe. Use code LAURENK10 on ascentprotein.com for 10% off (and get the Peanut Butter Chocolate Whey Protein Powder!!)
  • chocolates
    • Everyone loves chocolate, however regular Chocolate is nothing special. Head to your nearest health food store or Kroger and you will be astonished at the amount of fun flavored candy bars they have available!
healthy gourmet gifts in the form of sliced ​​chocolates

6. Cute tea towels and heating pads

Each season, Target and TJ Maxx have the most adorable tea towels and heating pads (you know, the things you put hot pans on!). I recommend you go there first, but if you don’t have time to go in person, Amazon is always a good support.

7. Herb Garden Accessories

Most foodies aim to grow a garden, or at least a few herbs. This is an adorable little indoor herb garden kit. It contains 5 packs of herb seeds and everything you need to cultivate a successful herb garden.

8. Utensils

  1. Reusable cupcake holders
  2. Reusable straws
  3. wooden spoon
  4. Mini whisk
  5. butane torch
  6. Tongs
  7. kitchen scissors
Metal straws in the glass

9. Boutique Olive Oil and Spices

Many local boutiques now specialize in oils and spices! You can stop by one of them OR You can make your own infused oils!

Get a cute little glass bottle from a craft store, place a large chunk of rosemary (or other herb) in the container, and pour in a good-quality olive oil. You can even make it a little cuter by tying some twine or ribbon around it! It’s such a thoughtful and useful gift!

10. Local coffee

On Yelp, type your foodie’s address, then type coffee into the search bar. Get your foodie a gift certificate or a bag of coffee beans from one!

11. Wholesaler Membership or Gift Card

The bill quickly mounts up in wholesale stores. Get your foodie a membership at Costco, Bj’s, or Sam’s Club (or a gift card if you already have one).

Men go through a warehouse

12. Bento box containers

These bento box containers are so cool! All the little compartments. The reusable utensils. I’m obsessed. I can’t find the box I have, but here is a similar one.

13. Plate set

Plates are a necessary basic, but that doesn’t mean your fooie friend doesn’t need a refreshment every now and then.

14. Gift certificate to a local restaurant

Every foodie has his/her favorite restaurant(s). By giving them a gift certificate you show that you know them and what they love!

15. Cute lunch bag

Honestly, most packed lunches are a bit ugly. This is a nice option for under $10! Here’s another one that’s a little more expensive, but it looks like it could pass for a handbag.

Flatlay of an eco friendly lunch box set healthy foodie gifts

16. Gift card from Trader Joe or Whole Foods

Trader Joe’s has fun foods that they release every season. They also have some groceries that they offer year round but you can just find them at Trader Joe’s.

Whole Foods also has some grocery brands not available elsewhere. By getting your foodie a gift card to either retailer, they can have fun buying something they’ve never tried before!

17. A funny mug

Everyone has a lot of cups. Everyone wants more. You can find affordable cute mugs at Target or you can buy a handmade mug on Etsy. Both are loved!

18. A food thermometer

Food thermometers make sure your food is safe to eat. Sometimes they can get a little wobbly which is not good! You can invest in a more expensive, high-quality thermometer, or get a cheaper version.

19. Baking or cooking class

During the panorama Many bakeries and restaurants have created new aspects of their business. That means your favorite nearby stores are likely to have class options. Check out their websites and see!

Another thing that came out of that panorama is virtual lessons. You can now take these courses from home!

Grandma and grandson bake in the kitchen as a gift

20. An apron

Aprons are something people don’t have until they need one. Bring your foodie friend a sweet striped one. If you would like something more personal, you can get a custom order on Etsy (I did this and it was a hit!).

21. Coffee syrups

There are so many various coffee syrups available now. You can get the basic vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel flavors at Target and grocery stores. You can also get a few more flavors out of the box at TJMaxx. If you want to step it up, check out this Vanilla Bean Syrup.

crop barista prepares cold brew coffee healthy foodie gifts

22. Foamer

Along with the coffee syrups, they might also like a frother. This is helpful for making a raised latte or coffee. If you want to take it to the next level, get them an electric hot and cold frother. I would want that!

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22 healthy foodie gifts for Pinterest

Let me know if you snag one of these! I’d also love to hear if you have any other ideas to give as healthy foodie gifts!

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