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Mexican cuisine is full of delicious dishes to tantalize your taste buds, from staples like tacos and enchiladas to fancy dips, soups and salads, all of which can be made vegetarian. Here are 35 scrumptious vegan Mexican recipes to cook up!

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Mexican food is full of vibrant and bold flavors. It’s always a hit!

Sticking to a vegetarian diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite Mexican dishes. actually, Mexican cuisine lends itself particularly well to vegan adaptations. Think about it: With ingredients like beans, avocados, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, the possibilities are endless.

Need some inspiration to get cooking with? No problem! Below you’ll find 35 delicious Mexican and Mexican-inspired vegan recipes, including everything from tacos and burritos to soups and appetizers.

Head to the kitchen and put on your apron. We’re about to dive into the wonderful world of vegan Mexican cuisine!



Made with crispy roasted potatoes and a rich and creamy chipotle sauce, these tacos are basically the ultimate in vegan Mexican comfort food.

The combination of black beans and walnuts makes for a surprisingly hearty, meaty vegan taco filling. If you miss the classic tacos you grew up eating, this is the recipe for you!

Dinner doesn’t get much easier than this! These tacos have a simple but super tasty chickpea filling that’s ready in about 30 minutes!

If there’s one veggie that’s substantial and hearty enough to make a taco filling, it has to be cauliflower! These delicious tacos are topped with spicy roasted cauliflower and an absolutely heavenly avocado sauce.

Plain old refried beans make a great taco filling, but this taco recipe takes refried bean tacos to the next level with the addition of beer. Total flavor-bomb!

These pulled pork style vegan tacos are actually made from a fruit! Jackfruits are some great stuff. Try the recipe and be amazed!

Tempeh has the perfect crumbly texture for a super hearty, meaty vegan taco filling.

Smoky, spicy roasted mushrooms make an absolutely irresistible taco filling that will please vegetarians and omnivores alike!

This recipe has a super secret hack that can give you the perfect tofu for making taco filling!

Lentils may not seem like an obvious choice for stuffing tacos, but they work perfectly! These tacos are hot, healthy, delicious and drizzled in an irresistible dairy-free cheese sauce.


Classic black bean burritos get an upgrade with the inclusion of rich coconut-infused rice. These delicious burritos will knock your socks off!

If you’ve been missing the classic Taco Bell 7-Layer Burrito since going vegan, you’re in luck! This tastes just like the original but is completely dairy-free!

These comforting tofu scramble-filled burritos are perfect for breakfast…or breakfast for dinner!

“Beefy” Vegan Burritos

Close the 2 halves of one "Biffy" Vegan burritos.

Spoiler alert: the “beef” in these burritos is crushed Seitan! It works great as a ground beef substitute and is packed with protein.

Roasted Cauliflower and Tofu Burritos

Close-up of a hand holding half of a tofu cauliflower burrito.

If tofu is your jam, these are your burritos! The tofu filling is marinated and baked to delicious perfection, then stuffed into a warm tortilla with garlic roasted cauliflower.


Have you cooked with soy curls before? Now is your chance! They make a great stand-in for the chicken strips in this spicy vegan fajita.

This fajita is made with tofu strips, peppers, onions and a zesty sauce. So delicious, and they can be on the table in about 25 minutes.

Zesty Vegetable Fajitas

White wooden surface set with skillet, avocado, water glass and plate of vegetable fajitas.

Veggie fajitas have a reputation for being boring. These are some! Loaded with loads of your favorite veggies like portobello mushrooms, asparagus, peppers and onions, all pan-seared in a spicy sauce, these fajitas will have you psyched to eat your veggies.

More vegan Mexican staples

Love enchiladas but hate them? Try this enchilada casserole!

Vegan Huevos Rancheros

Close up of two vegan huevos rancheros topped with salsa and jalapeño peppers.

Huevos rancheros are a Tex-Mex breakfast classic. This vegan version uses scrambled tofu in place of eggs and is perfect for both breakfast and dinner.

Do you like that restaurant’s taco salad in a crispy tortilla bowl? Well now you can make one at home! They are actually super easy. See the recipe to learn how.

Spicy roasted sweet potatoes and creamy black beans are a match made in heaven and a great topper for some vegan tostadas.

Loaded Avocado Quesadillas

Hand holding the top slice from a stack of vegan quesadilla slices.

These vegan quesadillas contain no cheese. Not even vegan cheese! ok though. With black beans, veggies and creamy avocado mash, you won’t miss the dairy.

Three black bean smothered tofu and plantain enchiladas on a plate over rice with avocado, cilantro and casserole dish in the background.

Sweet plantains and smoky tofu are an amazing flavor combination, and they’re perfect for stuffing in this vegan enchilada. Smothered in refried black beans, this recipe makes for an incredibly comforting vegetarian meal!


Between the hearty beans, crispy tortilla strips, and toppings, this spicy soup is delicious and totally meal-worthy!

If you are a bean lover, definitely give it a try! It’s like a big bowl of refried beans, but in soup form.

Vegan Taco Soup

Two bowls of vegan taco soup topped with cilantro, avocado crema and tortilla strips on a white surface.

Taco soup gets a healthy, vegan upgrade with this recipe that swaps the meat for red lentils.

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Spicy black bean soup with pot, cilantro, napkin and avocado halves in background.

You can’t go wrong with a big bowl of this classic black bean soup! It is smoky, spicy and full of flavor.

side and side

Vegan refried beans

Skillet of refried beans on wooden surface with spoon and bunch of cilantro.

The sky’s the limit with these vegan refried beans! Stuff them into a taco or burrito, pile them on nachos, or serve them as a dip. They are good enough to eat only by the spoonful.

This pico de gallo is loaded with fresh flavor! Made with tomatoes, fresh cilantro and lime juice, this juicy salsa pairs perfectly with crispy tortilla chips.

Guacamole (4 ways!)

Guacamole topped with tomatoes and cilantro in a molcajete.

Classic guacamole is always a hit, but this recipe also includes three additional variations including mango, chipotle and poblano corn guacamole!

Mexican Grilled Corn

4 ears of Mexican grilled corn on a plate with lime wedges and sauce on the side.

Don’t let grilling season pass you by without giving it a try! Topped with a zesty cumin lime sauce, this corn on the cob will be a hit at all your summer barbecues.

Refried black beans

Dipping a tortilla chip hand into a skillet of refried black beans.

This creamy black bean recipe is a spin off of my classic refried bean recipe (link above) with a different and unique spice profile. Perfect if you’re looking for something a little more smoky and funky!

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