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Warm weather is right around the corner and that means boating season! It’s time for sunny skies, fun boat trips, and most importantly the best boat snacks!

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Shelf Stable vs. Refrigerated Snacks

Depending on the length of your boat trip and space you may want to opt for snacks that don’t need to remain cooled. Or, if you prefer a chilled snack to refresh in the heat, use an electric or classic cooler!

The list of best boat snacks is mostly shelf-stable options but there are also ones that may need to be kept in a cooler. Keep this in mind when deciding what is best for your specific boat trip!

37 of the Best Boat Snacks

Honestly, the best boat snacks are going to vary from group to group and even trip to trip. Sometimes fruit is exactly what you need when other times it’s Twizzlers and Buffalo Dip! Continuously use this ist to decide what to bring for this boating trip.

1. Popcorn

This doesn’t have to be boring! You can make popcorn on the stovetop, microwave, or buy packaged popcorn. You can even try out new popcorn seasonings to make this snack special.

2. Carrots with Hummus

Veggies are often overlooked when packing your boat snacks. When you’re on the lake you want to make this time special with a special snack. But, once you get out there, get hot, and need a refreshing and wholesome snack carrots and hummus may be exactly the combo you need!

best boat snacks caramel apple bites

These are a delicious combination of sweet and salty. Make these ahead of time and you’ve got an easy, poppable treat!

4. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is easy! It is both refreshing and easy to pack. Most fruits don’t even need to be chopped up beforehand. Simply grab some apples and oranges! It has been said that bringing bananas on a boat is bad luck so if you believe in superstition this may be one to avoid!

5. Combo’s

This is a boating staple! They are easy, flavorful, and satisfying.

6. Basic Charcuterie

You don’t need to go all out on an incredible charcuterie. A Tupperware with cheese, meat, and crackers is sure to please a crowd!

7. Pretzels

Now, pretzels may seem basic but SO many varieties are available now! The classic pretzel rods seem to be the go-to for boat days but you could also reach for Dot’s or Pop Daddy’s flavored pretzel varieties.

8. Candy

Candy isn’t really a snack but have you ever been on a boat and not had a Twizzler? It seems like they go hand in hand!

berry protein smoothie

9. Basic Berry Protein Smoothie

Fill a spare insulated cup with a protein smoothie and it’ll keep it frosty and cold while you’re soaking in the rays. Sometimes, the best boat snacks are the ones you drink.

10. Hawian Roll Sandwiches

Hawian rolls are delicious on their own but slap on a couple of slices of ham and cheese and you’ve got a mini sandwich!

11. Chips

For some reason, Sun Chips and Pringles seem like the best option but there are endless options. You can also grab a bag of Ruffles, Lay’s, or Cape Cod chips to please all taste buds.

12. Peanut Butter Pretzels

A tub of peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets can be found at most grocery stores, wholesalers, and gas stations! They are a satisfying sweet and salty snack.

best boat snacks white chocolate strawberry muffins

No boring muffins here! The combination of white chocolate chips and strawberries makes for the perfect summer muffin.

14. Apple Sauce Pouch

Pouches aren’t just for kids! They are an easy and convenient way to get in some fruit without worrying about it being smashed!

15. Guacamole

Nothing is better than tortilla chips with freshly made guacamole. Dips make the perfect sharing snack!

16. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit may not make it on everyone’s best boat snacks list but it makes it on mine! If raisins and dates aren’t for you be sure to try dried mango and pineapple. They are delicious!

17. Granola/Protein Bars

These are energy-dense and easy to throw in a bag. Be cautious if it is hot out. Chocolate or peanut butter flavors may melt. You may want to store these in a cooler!

18. Meat Sticks

I don’t really mean Slim Jims, but if that’s what you like, you do you! Try a thick slice of jerky or a meat stick with fewer additives like Chomps!

buffalo chicken dip

It can be difficult to have a meal on a boat but sometimes you need a bit more filling snack. Buffalo Chicken Dip is always a hit!

20. Pudding Cups

A childhood classic! Avoid chocolate in case of a spill but having a vanilla pudding snack pack is easy and delicious!

21. Salsa

Sure, chips and salsa are a classic but have you explored the salsa aisle lately? The next time you’re on the hunt for a fresh container meander all the fun flavors!

mini monster energy balls

Make these ahead of time! You can store them in a container or baggie and pass them around the boat. With them being mini, they are incredibly easy to munch on!

23. Cheese Ball

A cheeseball may seem like a difficult and strange snack to bring on a boat. It kind of is. But, if you have a cheese knife with you to spread the cheese on the crackers you’re good as gold!

If you have a cheese ball people will eat the cheese ball.

24. Fruit Snacks

If you pull out a pack of Scooby-Doo fruit snacks, you will surely be the most favorite person on the boat!

best boat snacks of ham pinwheels

These go quickly! They are a simple combination of thick ham, cream cheese, and green onion all rolled up and cut into bite-sized pieces. These will need to remain chilled, but don’t worry, once everyone knows they’re on board they’ll be gone soon!

26. Veggie Tray

Pick up a pre-made tray at your local grocery store or put in some time in the kitchen and chop up your favorite veggies. Don’t forget the dip!

27. Cheese Sticks

You may need a cooler if you aren’t enjoying these soon after taking them from the fridge. Cheese sticks are not only delicious but also a great way to get in a bit of protein!

28. Fruit Cups

Either make your own or purchase the fruit cups in 100% fruit cups! You can even enjoy them without utensils!

29. Trail Mix

If it is hot out you may want to avoid a trail mix with chocolate or store this in a cooler. Otherwise, you may literally end up with a mess on your hands!

dates stuffed with cream cheese and pistachio

Stuffed dates are a joyful surprise! The sweet caramel-like date paired with the savory cream cheese and crunchy crushed pistachio gives the ultimate 2-bite treat.

31. Flavored Almonds

Almond brands have stepped up their name. You can get nearly any flavor of almond nowadays! These are a nutritious, heat-safe snack!

32. Fruit or Veggie Pizza

Surprisingly, these go over every well! Cut up your fruit or veggie pizza into bite-sized pieces and pass them around. Not only are you having one of the best boat snacks everyone is upping their fruit and veggie intake- win-win!

33. Walking Taco

This takes some preparation before heading out but it is such a fun and clean filling snack. Cook up some taco meat, add it to a snack-sized bag of Doritos, Fritos, or tortilla chips then add in your favorite toppings. Once you’re on the boat pass them out for all to enjoy their own bag.

Don’t forget the forks!

34. Spinach Dip

Spinach dip is delicious warm and cold, but if you must have it warm use a portable Crock-Pot! Some boats have ‘regular’ plugs and some do not. If you’re unsure, Amazon have this neat electric Crock-Pot! Imagine showing up with this. Show stopping.

35. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a classic! You can make your own or purchase the premade Smucker’s ones! You can even make a variety of options by using different peanut butter flavors, jam, and jellies, or using some Nutella!

pasta salad with italian dressing

Pasta salad is refreshing on a hot day, but there is a bit of additional items you’ll need to fully enjoy it. Be sure to pack bowls, forks, and a serving spoon!

37. Frozen Treats

A best boat snacks list isn’t complete without ice cream! Grab your best cooler, stuff it with as much ice as you can, and pack your favorite frozen treats. These could be Italian ice cups, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, ice cream cookies, etc!

What to NOT Bring on a Boat

There are tons of food you can bring on a boat but there are a few that should avoid the water. The interior of a boat can be stained, which is quite a feat to clean or replace.

When going on your own or a friends boat, avoid bringing red wine, ‘processed orange’ foods (think Cheeto’s), mustard, or anything too greasy.

Also, try not to bring anything that requires a lot of ‘putting together’. These seem like a tasty idea at first but then when you go about whipping them up it is a bit more difficult. There’s not enough table space, things are falling, just an all-around hassle!

37 Best Boat Snacks Takeaways

  • Opt for easy foods that don’t require utensils.
  • Sometimes, the classics are the best option!
  • Some of the best snacks may require some prepping.
  • There are a few foods to avoid bringing onto a boat.

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37 best boat snacks

Craving More?

Every occasion requires different snacks. Here are some other snack lists I’ve come up with!:

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