38 High Protein Breakfast Ideas without Protein Powder

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Start your day on the right foot without using any supplement to give you that much needed nutritional boost with these high protein breakfasts without protein powder.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas without Protein Powder collage | Hurry The Food Up

Waking up isn’t everyone’s favourite activity. Don’t know about you guys, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting some rest and that includes sleep. 

What I don’t enjoy is how I feel after I’ve woken up and how long the sleep inertia drags on for, that’s why I always try to get over it as quickly as I can.

One way I combat that feeling is by treating myself to an energizing meal. 

After all, nothing gets people going better than the prospect of a great breakfast and nothing spells “great breakfast” like a protein-filled one.

Take it from me; fatigue can be overwhelming and sometimes make us a little lazy. 

Exactly why it can be a bit tempting to just throw some protein powder into a glass of water and gulp down the concoction just for the sake of it, but it doesn’t have to be that way and this post will show you why. 

Here below is a compilation of some of the most nourishing, easy and quick high protein breakfast recipes that:

  • are ready in 30 minutes or less, 
  • contain at least 15g of the nutrient per serving
  • no more than 450kcal in a portion 
  • and, most importantly, none of that bland unsavoury protein powder.

So throw away the scoop and get a load of these 38 high protein breakfasts without protein powder

High protein meals are great options for a variety of reasons and these fortified breakfasts are filled with all sorts of vegetarian-friendly sources of the nutrient. 

But why stop at the early hours when you could be reaping the benefits of high protein meals all day long?

That’s right, with our weekly vegetarian high protein meal plans, you’ll be getting an endless variety of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts! 

So check them out to start getting all kinds of protein filled goodness today.

But, before you do, take a look at the tantalising list of high-protein breakfast ideas we’ve got for you!

Breakfasts with bread

Bonus: add a dash of chilli flakes to this sandwich to give it some oomph

Looking for the perfect sandwich to hit your nutritional post-run needs? Try my Mediterranean healthy fitness sandwich!

The Best Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe for Breakfast

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 21g

Calories: 369kcal

Ready in:10 minutes

Bonus: you can add more bell peppers and other veggies of your choice to make this more wholesome

Tofu, spices and veggies combine to make the ultimate vegan breakfast, a tofu scramble, in this vegan-friendly take on the classic.

Bonus: the fluffiest and tastiest scrambled eggs recipe you’ll ever see

Level up your scrambled eggs with cream cheese, an easy way to pile on extra protein in a classic dish. A killer breakfast!

Bonus: a sweet and savoury breakfast, perfect for a high-protein diet

Our delicious vegan take on the trendiest cafe food of the moment, Mushrooms on Toast. It’s perfect for everything from a savory breakfast to a light dinner.

Bonus: reduce the amount of cheese and butter in this if you’re on a low fat diet

Make the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever had with our quick & easy but simple to follow recipe – so good you’ll never look elsewhere again!

Bonus: smear some marmite on the bread before soaking it in the egg

A Quick Eggy Bread Recipe. Simple but satisfying, and so very tasty. Ready in just a few minutes – why wait longer for a delicious and healthy breakfast?

Bonus: have with some wholegrain toast bread

Vegetarian Baked Beans. Thick and full flavoured with a moreish tang. Low in calories, ready in 15 minutes and just as good as the ‘original’ from Heinz!

Protein: 27.4g
Calories: 354kcal
Ready in: 17 mins
Recipe by: CookedAndLoved
Bonus: use the kind of bread for this protein-rich breakfast that’ll fit right into your diet

Try this nutritious and tasty breakfast meal of boiled jammy eggs on toast with feta, tomatoes and dill. You can make it with regular sourdough, low-carb bread, gluten-free or grain-free options. This recipe is for a single serving but you can easily double the ingredients.

Pancakes and omelettes

Bonus: a light and easy-to-make morning boost for a stressful day

Looking for a healthy high protein lunch or breakfast? This tomato omelette is just the trick – 20g protein per serving!

Bonus: this recipe uses olive oil, but you can use any vegetable oil you please

Looking to up your protein intake? Try this high protein, low fat silken tofu omelette with eggs – the perfect healthy breakfast and lunch!

Bonus: add some cheddar to this for a cheesy omelette

Searching for the perfect omelette? This protein packed, easy omelette recipe has got your back!

Bonus: you can freeze and reheat these healthy pancakes in an oven for another day

There is no time for chit-chat when fluffy lentil pancakes are to be cooked. Just follow a few deliciously easy steps and you’ll have a batch ready in no time.

Try them out now!

Servings:2 (2 small pancakes per serving)
  • Blend the egg, water, vanilla extract, banana, lentils, whole grain flour, baking powder, sugar and salt until you have a thick homogeneous batter. Some lentil streaks will be visible, but don’t worry, they won’t be noticeable when the pancakes are cooked.

    1 egg, 2 tbsp water, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 medium banana, ½ cup lentils, cooked, ½ cup wholegrain flour, 1 ½ tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp salt

  • Heat the butter in a non-stick pan and turn the heat to low-medium. Make 4 small pancakes or 2 medium ones.Cover with a lid if you have. Cook until the top of the pancake appears to be dry, then turn and cook until the bottom of the pancake has browned. Repeat with the rest of the batter.

    1 tsp butter

  • Serve lentil banana pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup and low fat greek yogurt as toppings.

    ½ cup strawberries, 2 tsp maple syrup, ½ cup Greek Yogurt

  • Be careful of not over blending the batter, this will activate the gluten and the pancakes won’t be as fluffy and soft. To facilitate the process add the liquid ingredients first to the blender. 
  • These are great frozen and reheated in the oven. So for people who want a quick breakfast or snack you just have to make a few batches, freeze and reheat whenever you want. 
  • The pancakes are great on their own, so for people who want to cut more calories I recommend skipping the maple syrup. Do not skip the yogurt though, because it adds good protein. 
  • Using 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 oats instead of ½ cup flour is very good as well. Resulting in less calories but also slightly less protein.

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Nutrition Facts

38 High Protein Breakfast Ideas Without Protein Powder

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Chickpea Pancakes with Caramelized Onions and Feta

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 23g

Calories: 441kcal

Ready in:25 minutes

Bonus: a savoury pancake recipe you can try with a red onion

These easy chickpea pancakes are sweet and salty, and absolutely delicious. Be warned, breakfasts will never be the same again!

Bonus: use any other kind of gluten-free milk besides soy for this

Proper tasty, easy to make Coconut Flour Pancakes. One serving boasts 20g of protein on just 400 calories. They’re gluten-free and Paleo friendly too!

Protein: 15g
Calories: 183kcal
Ready in: 10 mins
Recipe by: CinnamonAndKale
Bonus: naturally gluten-free and filled with plenty of protein

The pancakes are deliciously light and fluffy, and work well for both sweet and savoury toppings. They are an ideal healthy breakfast, which will keep you feeling full for hours.

Protein: 21g
Calories: 369kcal
Ready in: 15 mins
Recipe by: YummyAddiction
Bonus: a healthy high protein breakfast made from simple ingredients

This asparagus and ricotta omelette makes a delicious and nutritious breakfast or brunch. It’s really easy to make and is ready in just 15 minutes!

Breakfast bowls

Bonus: top with extra mushrooms and jammy eggs for a greater protein boost

Enjoy a taste of the Med with our creamy mushroom and sundried tomato polenta – total perfection!

Bonus: try this recipe out with almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk

Ever heard how powerful a good oat breakfast can be? Try our Swiss Bircher muesli recipe – super easy and yummy!

Bonus: a sweet and slightly tart high protein breakfast

Looking for a healthy way to start the day? Raspberry compote yogurt breakfast – 21g protein & just 324 kcal per serving!

Bonus: an ultra easy and quick plant-based breakfast

After a high-protein alternative to traditional oatmeal? This vegan noatmeal recipe has 19g protein serving! Try it now!

Protein: 19g
Calories: 438kcal
Ready in: 8 mins
Recipe by: SomebodyFeedSeb
Bonus: drizzle some honey or maple syrup over the bowl of porridge for some extra sweetness

Filling, naturally sweetened with ripe bananas, and with the extra texture of toasted almonds, this is a simple recipe that only takes minutes to make when you are in a rush to get out the door!

Baked breakfast treats

Bonus: use any berry of your choice for this protein-packed breakfast. Ready in 40 but only 10 minutes worth of prep time!

A healthy high-protein version of those famous Tiktok baked oats. They’ll fill you up and keep you smiling until lunch!

Bonus: an easy high protein breakfast that can double as a dessert!

Looking for a new breakfast treat? Try our bread pudding breakfast – a healthy, high protein take on the classic dessert!

Bonus: you can use either hot sauce or some curry to give this easy breakfast more flavour

Looking for a high-protein, low-carb breakfast? Try these breakfast egg muffins – 1 recipe, 4 amazing flavours!

Bonus: can’t find smoked tofu? Use regular tofu but smoked cheddar instead!

Boasting 22 grams of protein per serving and a taste like the beautiful French pizzas known as Tarte Flambee. You gotta try our High Protein Smoked Tofu Breakfast Egg Muffins!

Bonus: a fluffy and easy to make egg muffin, one of my favourite high protein breakfast ideas

Fresh basil, salty feta, tangy sun-dried tomatoes and sweet cherry tomatoes: that’s the beautiful combo that gives these breakfast egg muffins the name ‘Italian Style’.

Bonus: serve these green waffles with some cheddar cheese for a delicious breakfast

Looking for a healthy breakfast upgrade? We’ve made eating your greens easy with these delicious green waffles!

Bonus: one serving of this recipe will give you four muffins!

These Asian-Style Easy Egg Muffins are beautifully different. The carrot and ginger are a fresh and zippy combo and the soy sauce ties it all together! Enjoy.

Protein: 24g
Calories: 400kcal
Ready in: 30 mins
Recipe by: FoodMeanderings
Bonus: nutritional info above is for ⅙ th of the pan

These Easy Sheet Pan Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros are made with instant rice, canned refried beans and a quick blender tomato sauce for an easy, spicy delicious vegetarian breakfast in 30 minutes!

Protein: 15g
Calories: 187kcal
Ready in: 15 mins
Recipe by: CinnamonAndKale
Bonus: gluten-free, healthy and satisfying

High in protein and made with wholegrain oats, they will keep you feeling full. They are also really easy to make, with just a few ingredients.

Assorted breakfasts

Bonus: eat with a side of bread

This simple vegetable frittata is full of veggie goodness and packed with protein. Give it a go, we dare you!

Bonus: one of my favourite high-protein breakfast recipes

Try breakfast beans and eggs for a hearty breakfast that will satisfy you until lunchtime, and quench the urge to snack!

Bonus: check out the high protein version of this recipe if you want an even greater protein count

This yogurt parfait is rich with fruits and nuts and is a deliciously quick way to start the day. Never get bored of breakfast again!

Lentil Patties

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 24g

Calories: 360kcal

Ready in:25 minutes

Recipe by: Jansen & HurryTheFoodUp

Bonus: you can also serve this with some salad, sweet potatoes or even rice

These awesome high-protein vegetarian lentil patties can be used as lentil burgers or fritters, and even made vegan, too!

Pineapple Cottage Breakfast Burrito

Check out the recipe here

Protein: 16g

Calories: 395kcal

Ready in:15 minutes

Recipe by: Sharon

Bonus: you could either use a toaster for these, or even lightly fry them in a pan

These are the best breakfast burritos we’ve ever had! An incredibly quick and easy recipe to follow, with just four simple steps and in the end, you get to enjoy a healthy, high-protein bite – starting your day the best way possible.

Bonus: a filling and nutrient dense high protein breakfast

Vegan Breakfast Potatoes – the best way to start the day. Animal-friendly, high in protein and even higher in taste. Yes please.

Protein: 15g
Calories: 291kcal
Ready in: 30 mins
Recipe by: VeggiesDon’tBite
Bonus: prep the filling and store in the fridge to use whenever needed

Vegan breakfast burritos make a perfect breakfast. They can easily be customized and prepped ahead for a quick morning meal!

Protein: 17g
Calories: 180kcal
Ready in: 30 mins
Recipe by: MyQuietKitchen
Bonus: a sweet breakfast filled with fresh fruit and enough protein

A simple and nutritious, low-glycemic breakfast pudding made with silken tofu, frozen berries, baby spinach and your sweetener of choice.


How can I get more protein without protein powder?

You could easily increase your protein intake without protein powder by incorporating more sources of the nutrient into your diet. 

Having some cheese every now and then, consuming egg-rich breakfasts more frequently, using tofu for scrambles and tempeh as a meat substitute, topping your salads and meals with nuts as well as snacking on edamame are just a few ways you could get yourself a good amount of protein.

What breakfast food is high in protein?

Eggs and cheese, tofu and beans; are some of the most common breakfast condiments that are high in protein. If you’re on a vegan diet, you could opt for more plant-based sources of the nutrient.

For instance, the nutritional profile of lentils shows us the legume is a great source of protein and besides nutrients, there are a range of health benefits oatmeal provides making it great for breakfast as well.

What can replace protein powder?

There are many tasty replacements for protein powder that could provide you with healthy amounts of the nutrient. You could have:

Using protein powder is a quick and convenient way to up your protein intake at the start of the day. However, most brands have got so many unnatural additives and absolutely no taste it hardly makes for decent meals. 

These high protein breakfasts without protein powder on the other hand are super healthy and utterly delicious. So pick a recipe and try it out today! 

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