$5 Dinner x Top Google Search Recipes in 2022

Find the budget-friendly versions of the $5 dinners of 2022’s top Google searched recipes

Below is a list of the budget-friendly $5 dinner recipes that best align with the overall top searched Google recipes of 2022 – let’s add these to your upcoming 2023 meal plan!

Top 10 Google Searched Recipes of 2022

#1 Sugo

Sugo means sauce in Italian. And there’s some debate as to whether or not this is a tomato sauce or a gravy sauce. It doesn’t matter to me…a good sauce is a good sauce. Here are a few ideas for you:

#2 Cincinnati Chili

Nutmeg, cinnamon in meat and tomato sauce. You bet and it’s delicious.

#3 Marry Me Chicken

I think we have a few versions of this on the blog…because chicken is an affordable meat…and all the other ingredients that go into a marry me chicken. But here is my favorite…

#4 Quick pancake

To be honest, I’m not sure if that means “baked” pancake… or “oven pancake”… or “fluffy pancake”…

(Actually, I know it’s not fluffy…but I’m sharing this with you anyway because it’s THE BEST HOMEMADE PANCAKE EVER…and I’ve made LOTS of them over the years!)

#5 Mango Cake

While this isn’t exactly a mango cake, it’s like a first cousin…

Other “most searched” food-related words in 2022 – DEFICIENCY. (POOH!)

And… the most searched word in 2022 – WORDLE!!! (Do you play?)

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