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5 ingredient frozen meal recipes

I don’t know about you, but it makes my heart happy when a recipe consists of just a handful of ingredients. Even if they are “normal” ingredients too! you know what i’m talking about Ingredients that you often have in your kitchen and that you would typically find in a typical grocery store. So I created a special 5 ingredient meal plan!

And I’m offering this meal plan for FREE in my 5 ingredient challenge!

Join me this week for a few days of tips and tricks that will help you prepare this meal!

Each day during Challenge Week I’ll be emailing you some of my favorite tips and hacks.

You can also cook with me in the kitchen!

And guess what? Once you’ve prepared your 6 meals? No need to worry about dinner! (insert happy dance here)

This is how the 5-ingredient freezer meal challenge works

Register: Enter your name and email address in the form below.

Check your email: Shortly after completing the form, you will receive an email containing: a complete freezer meal plan, a meal shopping list, and super easy to understand instructions!

A look at the recipes in the 5-ingredient meal plan:

You can see in the image below that they are all chicken recipes.

The reason for this is to help you SAVE MONEY on your shopping.

Now: Keep an eye out for chicken on sale. (If you have a Costco nearby, get it there. Inflation hasn’t hit the Costco chicken price yet!)

Grab it on sale and know you’ve got this meal plan to help you get all that chicken in your meals. No wasted ingredients!

Recipes for the 5 ingredient challenge

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