6 BEST natural blushes in 2023

Looking for the best natural blush? From cream blushes to powders, these natural blushes bring shine, shine, and pigment to your cheekbones with premium ingredients you’ll want to apply to your skin.

the best natural blush

After testing blush for a week, I honestly have no idea why I don’t smack a little color on my cheeks more often? Blush makes my skin look instant lively. Dull winter skin? No more blush! It brings life, warmth and a healthy, natural blush to our complexion.

Before we dive into the best natural blushes (there are many of them!), I wanted to talk about how to choose the color of blush for your skin tone and application tips… because luckily, the application has evolved since the ’90s. (100% worth the 5+ minutes to watch this…)

Which blush color suits my skin tone best?

First things first, I want you to know that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. Have fun, experiment and wear the makeup color you want. That’s the beauty of makeup! If you’re new to makeup or don’t feel like experimenting, there are some basic color principles to help with blushing.

If you have a light skin tone – Light pinks and peaches will look really natural on you. If you have red hair or red undertones on your skin, stick with pink colors rather than red/warmer color accents.

If you have medium skin tone – Go wild! Many different colors go well with your skin tone. If you have lighter hair, purple, pink, and peachy blushes will look good on you. If your skin tone is more olive, counter it with a peachy hue. If you have a rosier undertone, try coral blush.

If you have dark skin tone – Again, the possibilities are endless. Play with coral, berries, red, purple, pink… find your favorite spot!

How to apply blush to make it look natural

Blush has been applied in so many different ways over the years. At one point, there was a defined, bright circle right on the apples of your cheeks. In another spot, the blush was applied in a thick line from the cheeks to the hairline. Both of them don’t look very natural in my humble opinion. How do we avoid this?

I’m no makeup artist, but my #1 recommendation is to start light and build as needed. Whether you use a cream or powder blush, you can control how much you apply to your face!

After picking up some color with a brush or your fingers, smile and then apply the color to the bulging part of your cheeks. Fade out and return to the hairline. If you accidentally applied too much, know that you can correct this by taking your foundation, concealer blush, or beauty sponge and simply patting around the blush where there is too much color.

Try to avoid sharp lines. We look for a natural tint for your cheekbone area and anywhere the sun might hit your face.

Note: Many of these natural blushes can also be used on your cheeks and eyelids, making them fantastic multi-purpose formulas.


Want to see me put these natural blushes to the test? I tried five non-toxic blushes and gave my full review and honest opinion on each.

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