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Demand easy homemade cookies? We’ve got all sorts of quick, flaky iterations – whether they’re just three-ingredient, drop or roll-and-slice, offer plain old buttery goodness, or step things up by gilding it with meat and cheese.

A tray of cream cookies, a sweet potato cookie on a plate, a stack of ham cheddar cookies, and a tray of gooey pecan cookies.

For many bakers, shortcrust pastry is their insider tip. your nemesis. her great undoing.

For me? It was cookies. The fear I felt when confronted with a cookie recipe was worthy of a prescription. Do they get flaky? Light? layered? Towers or hockey pucks?

That’s why we’ve collected and repeatedly tested some of the best cookie recipes. Not only that, these cookies are also from baking kings Nathalie Dupree, Kelly Alexander, David Muniz and David Lesniak, the fine folks at Southern Living and Saveur.

And I’m humbly adding my name to this list, considering I’ve worked my shaky Yankee butt to create Southern-style ham and cheese cookies that I think can hold their own.

So fear not, cookie lovers. We have your back.

The word "David" written in writing.

Five irregularly shaped cheddar biscuits with gold edges, on a wooden cutting board.

Everyone should know how to make cheddar cookies. Topped with cheese, they’re perfect for serving in soups and stews, or sharing and stuffing with pulled pork. The recipe can easily be doubled to serve an even larger crowd.


As all testers said, this quick and easy recipe makes premium cookies that fill the kitchen with delicious flavors. I made these on the spur of the moment and they made the perfect breakfast. I forced myself to stop at two!

I had some bites plain and some dipped in flavorful honey. Yummy!-Greg

A rimmed baking sheet with rows of southern buttermilk biscuits.

These southern buttermilk biscuits are easy to whip up with just three ingredients — flour, buttermilk, and butter — and they come out flaky and fluffy and just like grandma made. Maybe even better. Here’s how to make them.


These cookies changed my life. Strong comment, I know, but listen to me. I’m a 50 year old male who loves making gravy cookies, but I’ve never been able to make an edible cookie. My gravy is great (thanks Alton Brown) but I’ve always had to settle for frozen cookies. They aren’t great but have been 1000x better than my attempts…to date.

I made a bunch of these cookies and a tear came to my eye. I realized that I am complete now. These cookies rose wonderfully while baking. I took them out of the oven when they were lightly browned. They were crispy on the outside but lightly layered on the inside. Wonderful taste.

I’ve been told baking cookies is easy, now I think finally. Thank you very much!– Travis D

A baking sheet filled with cooked biscuits.

Made with just self-raising flour and cream, these easy Natalie Dupree Cream Cookies are so easy, even a novice can make them.


This recipe is a perfect example of why you never have to buy a tube of batter from the grocery store again. With just two ingredients, a few minutes, and minimal effort, you can have a pan of tender, soft cookies that any cookie lover will love.

These were a revelation to me; with a very different, more delicate texture than my usual tea biscuits, and they’d be perfect as a base for a creamy chicken stew or seafood stew, or (with a little added sugar) a berry shortcake.– Sherry B

A cutting board with five sweet potato biscuits on it and a square plate with a split biscuit brushed with butter and honey.

These Sweet Potato Cookies are made with flour, sweet potatoes, butter, and sugar. Perfect for Thanksgiving turkey, glazed ham, or just butter and jelly.


A cast iron skillet filled with glazed biscuit cinnamon rolls on a wire rack.

These cookie cinnamon rolls are quick and easy, laced with spices and smothered in buttermilk cream cheese frosting. A shortcut recipe for when you want the flavor of homemade buns but don’t have the time — or the yeast.


These cookie cinnamon rolls were fabulous. I did them right before a meeting where everyone was on a diet and they were gone in seconds. This is the perfect cinnamon roll recipe for people who don’t have time to make them rise, and they’re so good!– Paige G

Cooling rack with 5 ham and cheddar biscuits on it and a white plate with a half eaten biscuit on it

These Ham Cheddar Cookies with Spring Onions, Buttermilk, and Cayenne Pepper are tender and flaky with a little hint of heat. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or as a snack on their own.


These are excellent! I’ve used chipotle powder for the cayenne pepper and make a batch for morning coffee almost every weekend.– Lisa

A parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet filled with quick-stick cookies, coated in thick syrup and topped with pecans.

These quick sticky cookies are based on classic southern cookies rather than yeast dough, but retain all the goodness of the cinnamon sugar and the spectacular spectacle of the gooey caramel pecan syrup. Guaranteed satisfaction in minutes.


Six Alabama muffin cookies in a muffin tin.

These Alabama Muffin Cookies have a crunchy, muffin-like exterior and a tender, flaky, cookie-like interior. Pretty much the best of both worlds.


I made these for my sister and her husband and 4 boys tonight and they were a hit! I made the standard 12 muffins and we took a lot longer to bake them, but of course that may be due to my sister’s oven.

My sister and I decided this would make an excellent base for our strawberry shortcake. We usually use Saveur’s recipe, but I think we’ll use this recipe from now on.-Jenn

Baking powder cookies stacked on a white square plate.

Making these baking soda cookies is not difficult. All it takes is a light hand with flour, shortening, and milk. You don’t even need a cookie cutter – a drinking glass with Do. They’re about as old fashioned as it gets and we couldn’t be happier about it.


Frequently asked questions about cookies

What is the secret of fluffy cookies?

Light and fluffy biscuits are created by layers of dough that puff up during baking. To achieve this, always use cold ingredients and be careful not to overwork the dough as this can make the cookies chewy and dense. Make sure your baking powder or other leavening is fresh and active so you get maximum rise when you bake.

What types of cookies are there?

Cookies can be made from a variety of ingredients and using different techniques, ultimately resulting in different textures. Some types of cookies are:
Drop cookies: This is the simplest type of cookie as the dough is simply dropped onto the baking sheet before baking.
Rolled Cookies: These types of cookies are generally folded and rolled and then cut into shapes with a knife or cookie cutter.
Buttermilk Biscuits: Buttermilk adds a tangy flavor and contributes to a light and tender texture, making buttermilk biscuits very popular, especially in the southern United States.

How do I stop my cookies from spreading?

To prevent your cookies from spreading, always use cold ingredients and refrigerate the cookie dough before baking.

Not only is there a plethora of types of cookies to enjoy, but there are countless ways to enjoy them. Spread with butter or jam, drizzled with honey, smothered in gravy or stuffed with roast chicken are just a few of our favorites. Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy them in a comment below.

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