Actor Tori DeVitto on conscious consumerism and cruelty-free fashion

We welcome Torrey DeVitto to this episode of The Vegetarian Zen Podcast. Torrey is an actor and musician who recently wrapped season 6 of Chicago Med.

Besides being an actor, Tori A Passionate animal advocate. We’re going to talk to her about her own plant-based journey and how she incorporates eco-conscious sustainability into her life.

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Who is Tory DeVito?

Torrey DeVito
Photo credit: Ryan West

Born and raised in Huntington, New York to Mary and Liberty DeVitto, Tori DeVitto was surrounded by the entertainment industry from the moment she was born.

For 28 years, his father played drums for Billy Joel, and he spent much of his early years on the road with his parents. When Tori could walk, her heart was in music and acting.

Torrey recently finished her incredible six-season run on the NBC drama “Chicago Med.” Outside of her acting work, Torrey’s mission is to provide access and bring knowledge of wellness, spirituality and philanthropy to as many people as possible.

She is an advocate for women and animals, practices spirituality, and incorporates awareness into every aspect of her life, from her cruelty-free makeup choices to vegan fashion and eco-conscious sustainability.

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