All Y’alls Foods secures first investment to grow plant-based shakes

Plant-based shakes Brand All Y’alls Foods has announced that it will raise $1 million in future equity (SAFE) notes as part of a general agreement with Dr. Rizwan H. received an investment from Bukhari, MD. Dr. Bukhari, a vascular surgeon, will also serve as the brand’s medical advisor.

“Replacing beef jerky is a big goal, but it’s working.”

According to All Y’alls Foods, it intends to use the investment to accelerate its growth.

“I am excited to join forces with All Foods by investing in and becoming a medical advisor to help promote and develop healthier alternatives to animal-based products,” said Dr. Bukhari, who Board certified in lifestyle medicine and owner of North Texas Vascular Center.

Based in Texas, All Y’alls sells meat-free jerky and Big Crunchy Bacon Bits. In 2022, the company reported that its bacon bits had become Amazon’s best-seller Meatless bacon brandAnd overall sales grew 100% YOY from 2021. Also last year, plant-based industry expert Elisabeth Alfano joined the company’s advisory board to support All Y’alls scaling and expansion.

Plant-based shake flavor
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“Time to Ramp Up”

“We celebrate our fifth anniversary on May 18, and I boot-strapped all of Y’alls Foods myself,” said founder and CEO Brett Christoffel. “Now with the support of investors, it’s time to grow. While people were putting out crazy press releases about changing the world and growing at all costs, I offered a delicious plant-based jerky alternative to beef jerky in the great state of Texas – the beef capital of the world.”

He added, “With sales exceeding expectations, 2023 is shaping up to be our year of stable profitability. Since my team and I have built a solid foundation, it’s time to ramp up as soon as possible. Dr. Ridge, a skilled, mission-aligned investor who gets it, is incredibly timely and meaningful as our medical advisor.”

All Y'alls Foods Bacon Bits
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All of Y’alls’ products are sold on its website and, as well as at HEB grocery stores and natural and specialty stores nationwide.

“Replacing beef jerky is a big goal, but it’s working,” shared Kristoffel “By focusing on smart growth and providing deliciously bold, uniquely flavored proteins that are better for people, animals and our planet, we’re tapping into what consumers want: great taste that doesn’t compromise personal or planetary health.”

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