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We’ve all heard the phrase “eat your greens” at least once in our lives. Leafy green vegetables form a large part of the foundation of any healthy and filling diet. They play an important role with their multitude of vitamins, nutrients and other health benefits. Plus, you have a wide range to choose from –…

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We’ve all heard the phrase “eat your greens” at least once in our lives. Leafy green vegetables form a large part of the foundation of any healthy and filling diet. They play an important role with their multitude of vitamins, nutrients and other health benefits. Plus, you have plenty to choose from—from classics like lettuce and spinach to others like arugula or kale. For some, however, eating greens may seem more like a chore than an actual, enjoyable meal. It all depends on the right recipe – and luckily for you, this amazing cabbage recipe might just be what you’re looking for!

Amazing cabbage recipe

If you’ve ever been to a supermarket, you’ve probably come across the big heads of cabbage in fresh produce. cabbage or repolyo in Filipino, is one of the most popular vegetables out there. Her many layers of light green leaves belie a pungent and almost peppery flavor that sets her apart from others. Crunchy and tasty, it’s also an adaptable vegetable. Many have incorporated it into their own cuisines around the world, and many recipes have evolved from it as well. This cabbage recipe that we are going to make today is cute and easy. Almost but not quite like Chopsuey, this veg and pork selection is sure to leave you satisfied!

What makes this cabbage recipe so great?

A selection of elements makes this cabbage recipe just so delicious. Their bright peppers, chunky carrots, and succulent chunks of pork only add to the overall feast of smells and tastes that you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy. Additionally, the wide variety of things to see in this dish also makes it just as pleasing to the eye! You can’t help but be amazed at how delicious this dish is going to be.

How else to cook cabbage?

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many other ways to enjoy cabbage than in this cabbage recipe. From a simple roast to a flavorful pickled side dish, cabbage is as versatile as it is delicious.

easy cabbage recipe


A popular way to use cabbage is to incorporate it with our favorite protein. The adaptable and versatile nature of this ingredient makes it an easy choice for dishes like corned beef and even chicken tinola. But the most common sighting of cabbage is in that beloved, hearty beef stew we know bulalo! We know how much Filipinos love stew, especially on long, chilly nights. This cabbage recipe features beef that’s so tender it practically melts in your mouth, along with other delicious veggies and a comforting broth. In provinces where this dish is popular, you can often enjoy it bulalo above a breezy roof, overlooking lakes, mountains and other natural gems.


Another popular cabbage recipe is of course the popular Chopsuey! There’s hardly a better way to combine all the veggies in your pantry and fresh area. Baby corn, cauliflower, peas and peppers come together in a wild yet flavorful blend of textures and layers of flavor. Cabbage complements your other Chopsuey components and makes a great, quick on-the-go dish!

fried kimchi rice

This cabbage recipe might be a little different than the other two we mentioned earlier, and that’s because this dish requires your veggies to go through a specific process! We’re talking pickling cabbage—what makes it deliciously lively, tart, and flavorful kimchi! The Korean side dish has grown in popularity alongside the rise of Korean culture overall. People are starting to realize how awesome a kimchi side dish can be—just about anything, really! Pickled radish and cabbage meet spices that give it its irresistibly sweet and spicy layers. Pair it with the favorite Filipino food – rice! — and you have your own best way to satisfy any craving for K.

Let’s make this awesome cabbage recipe together!

The first step in this amazing cabbage recipe is to cook your pork to tenderize it. After boiling 2 cups of water in a saucepan, add 3 ounces of pork and continue cooking until juicy. Separate the water, your pork stock, from the pork itself with a colander and set both aside.

In the same saucepan, heat 3 tablespoons of cooking oil and sauté your onion and garlic. When your onions are soft, add the pork and cook for about 30 seconds.

Next, add your bright orange carrots and umami Soy sauce. Cook this combination of ingredients for one more minute before adding your cabbage to the pot. Stir and continue cooking for about 2 minutes.

Throw in your peppers and peas. You should cook this combination of ingredients for about 3 minutes before pouring your pork stock back into the pot. This is where the Knorr Pork Cube comes in for that extra bit of flavor.

Stir and cook an additional 2 minutes and season with as much salt and ground black pepper as desired.

Ginisang cabbage

When ready, transfer your cabbage mix to a serving bowl and enjoy this fresh veggie and pork combo with loved ones. Even your little ones are sure to fall in love with this amazing cabbage recipe! Let us know what you think!

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Amazing cabbage recipe

Amazing cabbage recipe

Cabbage with a medley of vegetables and pork

Preparation: 10 protocol

Cook: 40 protocol


  • Boil water in a saucepan. Add pork. Continue cooking until the pork becomes tender. Separate the pork and water (pork stock) with a colander. Put aside.

  • Heat oil in the same pot. Sweat onion and garlic.

  • Once the onion softens, add the pork. Boil 30 seconds.

  • Add carrot and soy sauce. Boil 1 minute.

  • Put the cabbage in the pot. Stir and continue cooking for 2 minutes.

  • Add peppers and peas. Boil 3 minutes.

  • Pour the pork stock into the pot and add the Knorr pork cubes. Stir and cook another 2 minutes.

  • Season with ground black pepper and salt.

  • Pour into a serving bowl. Surcharge. Share and enjoy!


Nutritional Information

Calories: 264kcal (13%) Carbohydrates: 25G (8th%) Protein: 10G (20%) Fat: 16G (25%) Saturated Fatty Acids: 3G (15%) Polyunsaturated fat: 4G Monounsaturated fatty acids: 9G Trans fats: 0.04G Cholesterol: 15mg (5%) Sodium: 826mg (34%) Potassium: 780mg (22%) Fiber: 9G (36%) Sugar: 13G (14%) Vitamin A: 6628ie (133%) Vitamin C: 164mg (199%) Calcium: 137mg (14%) Iron: 2mg (11%)

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