Banana Peel Bacon – Have We Gone Too Far?

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no one The full brunch experience should be avoided, at least among all vegans. This is one of the biggest reasons (we guess) there are dozens of vegan bacon varieties on the market. Nothing goes like a classic tofu scramble and a side of crispy, salty vegan bacon with crispy sweet potato hash browns.

We thought we covered it all – carrot bacon, seitan bacon, portobello bacon, tempeh bacon.

But a new type of vegan bacon shakes things up: banana peel bacon.

Why are banana peels so-Peeling to us

Perhaps it’s ideal for you to throw away the banana peel or use it to trip your enemies, but in countries like South India, Southwest Asia, and Venezuela, traditional recipes use banana flesh. When cooked in recipes like banana curry, the peel can be soft and similar to eggplant in both taste and texture.

For nutritional benefits, banana peels are rich in potassium, fiber, protein and essential amino acids.

Another reason to peel is to reduce waste. almost 3.5 million tonnes Banana peels are wasted every year. So the Great British Bake Off is the winner Nadia Hossain His infamous recipe uses banana peels as a substitute for pulled pork.

Tun de Backer, author and recipe creator of Surprising Recipes, has experienced cooking banana peel curry and says as long as you’re careful about washing the peel, it’s a delicious ingredient.

“I let it soak in water all day to soften it,” says Backer. ‚ÄúThen I roast it as part of the curry. It’s very tender then, and has a banana sweetness to it without making the curry really sweet.”

This bacon is bananas, BANANAS

All that said, yes, banana peel bacon isn’t just a thing, it’s eco-conscious and nutritious.

“Vegan banana bacon is probably the most well-known banana peel recipe,” says Backer. “Other people use it in breads, muffins and smoothies when it’s lean and blended. You have a lot of fiber and a bit of banana sweetness without being overpowering.”

Jamie Cole, creator of a clean eating and non-toxic living website and brand called Girls Who Eat, had no idea what to expect when making banana peel bacon.

“Since I stopped eating red meat (including pork) a decade ago, I was excited to see how banana peel bacon would be like traditional bacon,” says Cole. “I was definitely skeptical, but up for the challenge.”

The end result, he said, was crunchy with a little banana flavor packed.

The main ingredient is simple: bananas. But skip green or just prepared yellow bananas. Cole uses seasoned for his vegan bacon, ideally with lots of brown spots.

“It will give the bacon more flavor and make it taste better and sweeter,” she says.

He chooses organic bananas and washes the peels thoroughly to remove pesticide residues. After washing, Cole marinates his shells in coconut aminos, olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, maple syrup and salt. When she cooks them in the air fryer (380 degrees Frenheit for four minutes) Cole says you can also use the stovetop.

“On the stovetop, they’re like regular bacon because you’re cooking both sides of the frying pan. However, since they’re already coated in oil and seasoning, you don’t need to coat the pan with oil like regular bacon.”

That being said, the next time we have brunch, banana peel bacon is definitely welcome at the table.

Photo credit: Jamie Cole

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