Best vegan hand cream for soft and supple skin

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the best vegan hand creams below. We cover everything from hand creams, natural exfoliators and natural UV protection to keep your hands soft and smooth.

Should you use hand cream every day?

Yes, the hand cream has been shown in clinical studies to relieve daily use Prevent skin dryness. Excessive hand washing with soap can strip your skin of its natural oils. Using a hand cream after washing your hands restores healthy oils to the skin to reduce or prevent dryness.

Can you use too much hand cream?

Yes, you can use too much hand cream. While it’s essential to hydrate your skin after washing your hands and body, if you over-moisturize, your body will slow down its production of essential oils.

That said, over-moisturizing your hands and body is less likely to have harmful effects than over-moisturizing your face. Hand creams and body lotions absorb quickly, while face creams are generally slower to absorb for prolonged hydration and all-day protection.

Can hand cream dry out your hands?

Yes, if a hand cream is water-based, it will dry out your hands. The water in water-based hand creams evaporates when you apply them to your skin, leaving the skin feeling taut. Instead, choose an oil-based hand cream. Oil evaporates more slowly than water and releases nutrients that soothe dry skin.

You may experience dry hands after using some lotions because of artificial fragrances or synthetic chemicals.

Chemicals and artificial fragrances can irritate the skin more than soothe it. Instead, choose a hand cream that uses natural ingredients and plant-based fragrances. The natural ingredients in hand creams restore essential vitamins to your skin and leave it feeling softer than ever.

Can I use moisturizer as a hand cream?

Yes, you can use a moisturizer as a hand cream, but we wouldn’t recommend it outside of vacation when you need to travel really light.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and each part gets different exposure to the sun and the elements, so each part of your body needs slightly different levels of UV protection.

Face moisturizer works to protect your facial pores, which are exposed to the elements 24/7.

Most face creams include SPF. Since your hands also get a lot of sun exposure, a face cream on your hands makes sense. However, many face moisturizers use ingredients that clog pores and tighten the skin. These ingredients in facial moisturizers can cause hand stiffness and dryness.

What makes hand cream vegan?

Like all vegan products, a hand cream is vegan when it does not use animal products in its production. Vegan means no animal fat, milk or even honey is added to these hand creams. A vegan product should not test its products on animals.

Vegan hand creams indicate that they are cruelty-free and plant-based on the packaging, usually with a symbol. You can also read the ingredients to determine if the manufacturer uses any animal products in their production.

The best vegan hand creams use specific natural ingredients to restore healthy oils to your skin and protect it from elements like wind and sun. They avoid using chemicals and additives that can have harmful effects when applied to your skin.

When is the right time to apply hand cream?

You should apply hand cream at night. Throughout the day, you wash your hands and touch things that remove the lotion from your hands.

A nightly moisturizing routine will soak the natural oils into your skin when you’re unlikely to wipe it off. You can sleep and allow the hand cream to work its magic, improving the look and feel of your skin.

Should I exfoliate my hands before applying hand cream?

Yes, you should exfoliate your skin before applying hand cream. Exfoliation before using hand cream is a good practice to maintain soft, hydrated and nourished skin.

Exfoliating is a simple way to remove dead skin cells that cause roughness. Dry skin occurs when the skin does not receive adequate hydration due to ingredients or excessive hand washing. By removing the old layer of skin, exfoliating reveals the healthy skin underneath. Apply hand cream after exfoliating to protect and nourish new skin layers.

Some common vegan exfoliators are:

  • sugar
  • Coffee fields
  • Baking soda
  • Oatmeal
  • Sea salt
  • cinnamon

Do I need to wear hand cream with SPF?

Yes, you should wear hand creams with SPF or natural ingredients that protect your skin Sun and UV damage. Your hands are exposed to the sun regularly. Vegan SPF Hand Cream hydrates your hands and prevents your skin from drying out.

Natural ingredients that protect skin from sun and UV damage:

  • Beta-carotene
  • Lycopene
  • Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) and polyphenols
  • Lutein
  • Vitamin C
  • Astaxanthin
  • Omega 3 and 6

Vitamin D Production begins when the sun and UV rays touch our skin. While using SPF blocks the sun’s damaging properties, it also inhibits vitamin D production. If you regularly wear SPF, you should consider taking a vitamin D supplement. Talk to a healthcare practitioner first to determine if this is necessary for you.

Is alcohol in hand cream bad?

It is not advisable to use hand creams containing alcohol as excessive use of alcohol damages your skin. A small amount of alcohol in a hand cream probably isn’t a big deal, but if you have sensitive, eczema-prone or dry skin, it may irritate you more than it soothes.

Vegan hand cream without alcohol nourishes your skin using natural ingredients. Alcohol in hand creams Strips your skin of nutrients and deregulates natural oil production. Stripping leaves your skin with too much or too little oil.

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