Breakfast that feels like a hug

Breakfast that feels like a hug

Do you ever eat a breakfast that feels like a hug? The folks at Go Solo requested an interview with our founder, Karen Taylor, L.Ac. We wanted to share them with you because they gave us some great insight into what goes into getting breakfast on your table and in your bowl, and how we make a breakfast that feels like a hug.

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Interested in starting your own food and beverage entrepreneurial journey, but don’t know what to expect? Then read our interview with Karen Taylorfounder of Breakfast curebased in Eugene, Oregon, United States.

What is your business and who are your customers?

Hello, my name is Karen and I am the founder of Breakfast Cure.

We offer a line of gourmet slow cooker meals made with only the finest organic and gluten free ingredients. Just add water, let it simmer overnight and wake up to a warm, healthy and delicious homemade breakfast. My clients are passionate, health-conscious women who love healthy, tasty meals that are ready when she is, feel warm and comforting, and save time for what she loves.

Tell us about yourself

As an acupuncturist, I want everyone to experience meals that feel like a hug.

Classical Chinese Medicine teaches that warm, hydrating, and well-cooked foods are easy on the digestive organs that would otherwise have to heat food and drink to a “100-degree soup” to process and absorb nutrients.

I don’t know of any other product that is like Breakfast Cure which I founded after 25 years of practicing acupuncture. Inspired by Chinese medicine and the wisdom of hot meals, the health of people and our planet is the cornerstone of my company. I never compromise on the quality of ingredients, using local, small and single-source farms whenever possible. Our products offer the unique combination of being amazingly delicious, ridiculously quick and easy, and optimizing digestion and elimination while feeling remarkably soothing and comforting.

What is your greatest success as an entrepreneur?

I learned about the benefits of warm, well-cooked, hydrating foods from my teachers while studying Chinese medicine. I immediately adopted the practice of cooking my own breakfast overnight. I experienced how my entire digestive system felt warm and comforted. Fast forward 25 years, and despite my best efforts to educate about the benefits, offer recipes, and even sell slow cookers in my clinic, I couldn’t inspire my patients, who I knew would benefit, to try my breakfast recommendations. me

I am happy to share that my greatest feeling of success since starting my business is knowing that there are now thousands of people who have adopted this easy and healthy habit for themselves.

What is one of the hardest things about being a business owner?

As an entrepreneur, there are always endless things to do and often ten hats to wear every day, especially in the beginning. I may lose track of why I started Breakfast Cure in the first place or feel disconnected from the lives and people I’ve touched. It can be easy to get caught up in overwork and see only the challenges while ignoring the great successes.

What is the best advice you would give to anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

  1. Organization is key. Keep it as digital as possible. Find systems that work for you by researching the best business tools. Get help if needed or take a course. Reset inboxes. Know your metrics. Know how to locate the work you’ve done, so you don’t reinvent things repeatedly. Create your own templates for everything possible. Keep track of each token in a single document or file. That way, you can open the file and remind yourself how much love there is for your product, why people love it, and how it has benefited them and their lives. Let that gratitude fuel your passion and move on. Don’t miss out on these precious gems.
  2. Make sure your heart and soul is in it, and you are very clear about why you want to start THIS business because it will be a lot of work and there will be countless challenges.

  3. As soon as you can, hire people who have skills that complement yours to do important jobs that you don’t like or really don’t like.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

It’s also important to remember the footprints we walk in and how the work, creativity and generosity of past innovators have made our current passion possible.

I am grateful to my teachers, to the countless Chinese medicine doctors who have come before me, and especially to those who have shared their knowledge and wisdom directly with me, whose brilliance has captivated my entire adult life.

While there are many ways I have been deeply inspired by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine over the past thirty years, it always comes back to daily routines and rituals, and food too! I love good food. What I eat every day has always clearly affected how I feel both in the short and long term.

Want your own breakfast that feels like a hug?

Where can people find you and your business?

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