Cajú Love debuts organic, upcycled cashew fruit meat in retail and foodservice

Upcycling startup Cajú Love has announced that it is launching its innovative cashew fruit pulp in US retail and foodservice. The brand’s organic fruit meats are now available at BESTIES Vegan Paradise, Los Angeles; Food fight! Grocery, Portland; Orchard Grocer, New York, and also on the amazon.

“Cashew fruit meat has the potential to feed a growing population without stressing the environment”

Made from Brazilian cashew apples, a discarded byproduct of the country’s cashew nut and juice industry, cashew love is a meatless alternative that’s cooked and sliced ​​like chicken, pork or tuna. Previously only available online, the brand’s 200g cashew fruit meat pack is now sold at select retail outlets, while a new 800g pack is now available for foodservice.

Food Fight owner Beth Sullivan shares, “Customers have been so excited to try Cashew Gain! Groceries. We’ve added it to their weekly grocery list!”

Cashew fruit flesh
© Cashew Love

Full of benefits

According to the startup, Brazil alone wastes about 2.2 million tons of cashews every year. Only 12% of the cashew fruit is processed – primary uses include extracting juice, making fresh and dried fruit, jam, wine, candy and animal feed.

the founder Alana Lima and Felipe Barreneche are first-generation immigrants from Brazil and Colombia who began exploring the potential uses of cashew nut bio-waste. The pair discovered that fruit fibers provide excellent nutritional benefits, including fat, fiber, minerals, protein, tannins and vitamin C. Cashew apples are known to fight inflammation, protect brain health and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Cashews like cashew apples
©Cashew Love

Cajú Love has simple ingredients and a thick, crumbly texture that is quick and easy to prepare. Since launching in 2021, the company has reported sustainably upcycling more than 105,000 cashew apples. For every 200g pack of organic cashew fruit meat, five cashews are upcycled.

“The New Main Thing”

“Cashew fruit meat has the potential to feed a growing population without stressing the environment,” said Alana Lima, Founder cashew love. “Cashew Love pioneered the upcycled food movement by creating a new plant-based staple from upcycled cashew nuts. We have developed a new supply chain system to upcycle cashew apples that helps conserve energy in food production, reduce food wastage, soil exploitation and water use, and provides additional income streams for local farmers.”

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