History of Cornish Cross Hens – Backyard Poultry

Learn about the history of the Cornish Cross chicken and how this breed became the broiler bird. Written by Ann Gordon Cornish cross broiler has taken a rap in recent years. There are tons of articles, forums, and blog posts on the Internet that deride these poor creatures as “dirty chickens” with a “disgusting” appearance, … Read more

Ataxia, imbalance and nervous disorders in waterfowl

By Doug Oettinger Water breakfast is amazingly resilient and stamina. They are often long-lived when compared to many other types of poultry, you may keep them for years and never have any problems. However, there are many diseases and physical problems that can sometimes take hold, first manifesting in forms of ataxia (general clumsiness when … Read more

Guinea Skinny: History, Habitat, and Habits

by Audrey Stallsmith We need to remember where the guinea came from in order to understand where they came from! It originated, appropriately enough, on what used to be called the Guinea coast of Africa. However, that region gained its name from the Berbers agueno (“The Man in Black”) is not a birdthemselves. Introduced to … Read more

Welsummer Chicken – Breed Profile

reading time: 5 minutes Reproduction: The original name is “Welsummer” chicken, since it is still outside Europe, while the Dutch officially changed the name to “Welsumer” in 1978. OriginIn the early 1900s, farmers in Welsom and nearby villages along the Igsel River in the Netherlands began selecting hens for their large brown eggs. The original … Read more

Ancona chickens – breed profile

reading time: 5 minutes Written by Tamsin Cooper ReproductionAncona chicken was named after the port from which the birds of this breed were first exported from Italy to England in 1848. OriginThis type of chicken was most widespread in central Italy, especially in the eastern Marche region where the port of Ancona is located. The … Read more

Bread pudding with vanilla and bourbon sauce

reading time: 2 Session minutes Bread pudding, a comforting classic, gets a modern update with bourbon sauce and applesauce with fall spice. Hannah McClure Something about this time of year has me reaching for warmth and comfort in the form of homemade baked goods and meals. I was first introduced to bread pudding in my … Read more

Preventing Quail Predators – Backyard Poultry

By Kelly Boehling The Coturnix quail is known for its adaptive and flexible nature. They thrive in a wide variety of settings, from urban cityscapes to the countryside. However, a whole host of potential predators also live in these environments, so it’s important to research local predators and learn what protections you can take to … Read more

Let it snow! Backyard poultry

reading time: 6 Session minutes Follow these simple tips to help your chickens thrive this snowy season. By Elizabeth Mack Even in milder climates, winter can be challenging for backyard poultry flocks. By carefully preparing for weather extremes and understanding flock behavior, you’ll prepare your flock to not only survive but thrive through the winter. … Read more

Recreate the chickens, help the environment

reading time: 4 Session minutes The Church of England is making it easier to bring back the chickens to protect the environment. Wylde Green United Reformed Church in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England (www.WyldeGreenURC-Website.org), adopted in 2021 as part of a commitment to promote and protect the environment and care for creation. It’s part of a … Read more

Expansion of Britain’s first chicken hotel

reading time: 4 Session minutes David has big plans to make boarding the chicken hotel available to the masses. In 2007 it was opened by David Roberts chicken hotel In Cornwall, on the south coast of England. It was a great success, attracting much custom from poultry owners in Cornwall, and much attention from the … Read more