Chicken by the numbers

In the United States, the chicken industry directly employs about 381,000 people. But if you count all the people who grow chicken feed, drive delivery trucks, serve chicken wings, make the packaging, or work indirectly, that’s a total of 1.5 million jobs. Chicken is the most affordable source of high-quality protein in the case of … Read more

Sicilian Buttercup – Breed Profile

reading time: 5 minutes ReproductionSicilian Buttercups, also known as Flowerbirds or simply Buttercups, are a heritage chicken breed known for their unusual crown-shaped crest and unique color. Origin: Farm poultry with cup-like combs has been known in Sicily for centuries. Its plumage varied as farmers were more interested in their spawning abilities. Similar combs have … Read more

Poultry News – Backyard Poultry

reading time: 3 minutes Rice farming with ducks in Vermont Traditionally thought of as a warm climate crop, Boundbrook Farm, located in Vergennes, Vermont symbiotically raises rice and ducks. Known as “aigamo” in Japan, this method of using flocks of ducks in rice fields helps control weeds and pests organically while at the same time … Read more

Keeping Eggs Part One – Backyard Poultry

reading time: 5 minutes by Christie Cook If you’ve got chickens already, you know about the feast-or-famine approach these girls take with their precious eggs. However, if you’re new to the barn, you’re in for a treat. Springtime brings a seemingly endless supply of farm fresh eggs ready for an endless array of eggnog, custards, … Read more

Meet Heather and Mike, chicken farmers from Pennsylvania

What is one thing you wish everyone in poultry farming knew? one thing? It’s hard, there’s a lot! First of all, we want the best for our birds! If it is not good and sufficient, we do not succeed as farmers. Our goal is to bring a healthy bird into the final product, so healthy … Read more

Gut health is for birds

Good intestinal flora keeps everyone healthy. By Dr. Stephanie Slahor. Gut health in poultry keeps birds safer from infection and bacteria. Watch TV any night and you’ve likely seen an advertisement for medications and nutritional supplements for the amazing vital area of ​​the body we call our digestive system.As food moves from the stomach into … Read more

Fluke outbreaks in waterfowl – backyard poultry

By Doug Oettinger. There are many parasites that can infect waterfowl. Among these is the flukes, a type of parasitic flatworm that belongs to the scientific class Trematodes. Most people are at least remotely aware of or have heard of liver flukes in sheep, cattle, and even humans. With around 24,000 species of flukes worldwide, … Read more

Chickens and fireworks – backyard poultry

Protect birds from loud noises and falling firework debris. By Tov Danovich. The hen has to wake up as soon as the fireworks start. I was on the beach in Key West, Florida, with hundreds of other people watchingFourth of July show over the water. The smell of sausages and bug spray was in the … Read more

Warming Grass – Backyard Poultry

Keep your birds cool and avoid heat stress. By Heather Levine. Here in Tennessee, summer begins in early MayAnd it often doesn’t end until November. It’s not just hot here. It’s like living in someone’s mouth…with high temperatures and high humidity being the norm for most of the year. Keeping my flock cool during the … Read more

Mice control! Backyard poultry

How to keep designer rodents away from chickens. by Susie Curley. Some people say if you have chicken, you have itmice. no escape. If you agree with this statement, then youPerhaps you have a rodent problem or are looking to eradicate critters in your backyard. One pair of rats usually produces up to six litters … Read more