Gumboro Disease – Backyard Poultry

Reading Time: 5 minutes And the poultry immune system. By Sue Norris FOR THE SCIENCE NERDS among you, there are lots of biology details in this article. Gumboro disease, caused by the infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) in the Birnaviridae family, is a highly contagious virus affecting chicks under 16 weeks of age. Although named … Read more

Maintaining Your Pastures for Poultry

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ducks, geese, and chickens benefit from grazing in well-maintained pastures for poultry. Story and photos by Carrie Hardie WHETHER YOUR PASTURE IS large or small, effective management of homestead waterfowl, such as geese and ducks, can help minimize supplemental feeding while improving the health of the pasture. Under optimal conditions — … Read more

Preparing for Predators – Backyard Poultry

Reading Time: 5 minutes Keeping chickens means that you’ll need to prepare for predators. Story by Carla Tilghman CHICKENS ARE ONE OF the best and most rewarding animals on the farm. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most vulnerable. Many species ofpredators will go after your chickens. Exactly which predators you have to deal with … Read more

Canestrelli Cookies – Backyard Poultry

The secret indredient: cooked egg yolks. Story by Cappy Tosetti MOST COOKS HAVE something up their sleeve when preparing treatsfrom the kitchen — little tricks or hints handed down from a grandmother,favorite aunt, or a cookbook from long ago. It’s what keeps familyand friends clamoring for more! Hardboiled egg yolks are one element that helps … Read more

Orange and Chocolate Cakes with a Twist

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cornmeal adds a tasty crunch to a Mediterranean favorite. Story and photos by Rita Heikenfeld IN MY COUNTRY KITCHEN, the holidays may be over but there’s still room for sweet treats made with family and friends. Is that the way it is at your house, as well? Olive oil cakes are … Read more

Prevent Spring Poultry Illness – Backyard Poultry

Reading Time: 5 minutes Prevent spring Poultry illness and disease with timely treatment. Story by Kenny Coogan Spring showers bring May flowers, but they could also cause problems to your flock. Here are some illnesses, diseases, and problems associated with springtime and treatments and preventions to keep your flock healthy when springtime has sprung. Avian … Read more

Hen Pals – Backyard Poultry

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story and photos by Susie Kearley ABBY JOHNSON (ORIGINALLY FROM MARYLAND) STARTEDa rent-a-hen service called “Hen Pals” ( in2019 when she was living in England, just before the country wentinto lockdown. She’s still there, still trading, and it’s been an interestingfour years! “I brought the idea over from the U.S.,” explains … Read more

Java Chicken – Breed Profile

Reading Time: 5 minutes BREED: The Java chicken is the foundation of the American class of poultry, giving consistency to breeds developed from its gene pool. ORIGIN: The Java was developed in America by 1835 from chickens imported from Southeast Asia. The exact origin of its ancestors is unknown, but thought to be around Indonesia … Read more

How To Care For Ducks

New to ducks? Here’s where you can start to care for ducks. Story by Stephenie Slahor, PhD Chickens are a common sight for most of us with small or large farms, but you might want to consider ducks as an addition, or maybe even a replacement. It’s not hard to learn how to care for … Read more

Chicken’s Versatility = A Variety of Fun Chicken Trends in 2024

When you purchase chicken at the store, you’ve bought yourself a nutritious and delicious, limitless culinary slate. That’s because chicken is one of the world’s most versatile proteins. After all, chicken is a foundational centerpiece in nearly every cuisine and can be prepared roasted, broiled, grilled or poached, and garnished with many seasonings, toppings and … Read more