A 365-day priority for the American chicken industry

Many of us probably remember when it wasn’t always easy to eat fresh meat, milk and produce buying during the COVID-19 pandemic. but l 800 million People, getting good, nutritious food is a daily struggle. That is why World Hunger Day is celebrated on May 28 each year to raise awareness and encourage support for … Read more

The pros and cons of chicken coop furnishings

by Kenny Coogan With so many chicken coop bedding options out there, it can be overwhelming. I called Marissa Byrom, Director of Communications and General Store Manager at Shell Feed & Garden Supply, to find out.more. Byrum has a lot of great ideas about the financials and sustainability behind chicken coop bedding and which species … Read more

Summer Puffs – Backyard Poultry

By Cappy Tosetti. How it all began Soufflé is a French verb blow: huff, huff, huff, and breathe. Like many discoveries in history, there are different versions, depending on the region and the individuals involved in telling the story. The origin of the baked soufflé is no different. The recipe for “Omelette Soufflée” was described … Read more

Sloppy Joes – backyard poultry

Story and photos by Rita Hickenfeld. Groung poultry makes a delicious sandwich. Sloppy sweethearts. NAME alone transports many people back to their childhood. The smell of slow-cooked meat in a spicy tomato sauce made mouths water long before dinner was even served.When I was a kid, we walked to school, and hot lunches were alllocal. … Read more

Ask Our Experts – Backyard Poultry

From the June/July 2023 issue of Backyard Poultry, and regularly vetted for accuracy. MOVING A NEST When a nest is found, can the eggs be moved, and will the mother sit on them?Sadie Cox Hi Sadie,What kind of nest did you find? Domestic poultry or a wild bird?The answer to all of this is, “It … Read more

How American farmers care for their birds

American farmers are dedicated to raising the healthiest chicken. Keeping flocks free from fear, pain, stress and suffering is plain and simple, and the right thing to do. Which is the fact that when chickens are handled properly, they also grow better. That’s why the American chicken industry developed Chicken Guarantees, a set of welfare … Read more

Indomitable Rosie – Backyard Poultry

Story and photos by Marina Killery. I am pleased to tell you a little about the indomitable Rosie, who is grayCochin I raised from a 3 day old chick that is part of my little backyard flock.In June of 2020, I noticed an area of ​​red skin under its tail. I thought she was plucking … Read more

Rodents and your barn – backyard poultry

reading time: 4 minutes While you want to keep chickens, you may not want rodents to occasionally be attracted to their feed. Read about Carrie Miller’s methods for dealing with rodent problems in your barn. Chickens have a dirty little secret they’d rather not talk about. Do you know what it is? They are notoriously … Read more

Teach your children to trust chickens

reading time: 6 minutes Uitert size She shares five great ways to teach your kids to trust chickens. Have you seen videos of Duke chasing babies and laughing? Did you know that confidence can be taught around our feathered friends? And this trust can affect the rest of your children’s lives? We’ve all heard that … Read more

Breeds of ducks for eggs and meat

reading time: 7 minutes Curious about raising ducks? Read this guide written by Carla Emery to learn about the duck breeds available, from those primarily used for laying eggs or meat to dual-purpose breeds. white breeds Indian runner. There are many species of Indian ducks of which white, faun and white are said to be … Read more