Champagne Jell-O Shots – Broma Bakery

What better way to ring in the new year than with Champagne Jello Shots? Absolutely not. These succulent jello shots are made with bubbly champagne to make the perfect festive New Year’s treat! Champagne Jello Shots Bye 2022 and hello champagne jello shots! What better way to ring in the new year than with these … Read more

Apple Spinach Salad

20 Minute Apple Spinach Salad with Homemade Maple Lime Mustard Dressing is a healthy and refreshing addition to your favorite weeknight meal! The addition of fruit, nuts, and cheese takes this easy spinach salad to a new level. Simple enough to be prepared on weekdays – presentable enough to be served up for a special … Read more

Meal Plan (#1) – Rachel Cooks®

I’m so excited to release our first meal plan! These weekly meal plans feature realistic meals made for you true life. That means no crazy, hard-to-find ingredients or super trendy on-trend dishes, but real food for real families. If you are looking simplify your life and will more organized, our menus are for you. You … Read more

Quick and Easy Lemon Blueberry Muffins

These Lemon Blueberry Muffins are quick to make with a moist and tender center full of blueberries and perfectly golden brown tops. These are inspired by our popular blueberry muffin recipe. We’ve been making these muffins for years and are so happy we added this fresh lemon spin! Switch to Lemon Blueberry Muffins recipe watch … Read more

Light Mulled Wine – Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary

The simplest mulled wine – with fruit mulled tea bags instead of individual spices. This mulled wine has a wonderfully warming, spicy flavor with an added dash of apple schnapps!Definitely only something for the grown-ups! Jump to: Whenever I used to go to a Christmas market, I always grabbed a mulled wine and really tried … Read more

Kimchi Kongnamul Guk (Bean Sprout Soup)

Released 10/14/2022. updated 19.11.2019 This soup is a variation of kongnamul guk (bean sprout soup) made with kimchi. It’s simple and refreshingly delicious with a nice spicy kick! Kimchi kognamul guk (김치콩나물국) is a common soup in Korean households. It is a variation of kongnamul guk made from kongnamul (bean sprouts), a Korean staple vegetable. … Read more

Homemade vegetarian chili – damn delicious

This post may contain affiliate links. Please refer to our privacy policy for details. Seriously the BEST vegetarian chili! Loaded with sweet potatoes, zucchini, beans + so much flavor! So hearty, so good. I promise you. This really is the best meatless vegetarian chili recipe ever. Packed with so many veggies, two different types of … Read more

Chicken Apple Sausage | Leites Culinaria

How do I make chicken and apple sausage links? If you prefer sausages over bratwurst, you’ll need a meat grinder or stand mixer fitted with a sausage stuffer attachment, about 6 feet total of small hog or sheep casings (available at most butchers and whole food markets), and the following instructions. 1. Place the sausage … Read more

Fried Rice with Pineapple – Panlasang Pinoy

There’s no reason for you to waste leftover ingredients. The post-holiday period often means a surplus of foods like pineapple and ham. But considering how well the acidity and sweetness of these two go together, you should definitely use them in another dish. That’s why I gathered more delicious ingredients to create the ever-vibrant, flavorful … Read more