Chinese Longevity Noodles – Holy Cow Vegan

Eat your way to a long life with these easy but delicious stir-fried Chinese Longevity Noodles with ginger, cabbage and mushrooms.

Chinese longevity noodles in a blue plate with scallions garnish and forks in background.

These Chinese longevity noodles have the goodness of ginger, mushrooms and cabbage packaged into one easy, simple but extraordinarily tasty dish.

In China, these noodles are eaten during the Chinese new year and at celebrations and festivities. The noodle strands are supposed to remain long and unbroken, so your life is too.

The ingredient list is simple and quite short. I also add to these noodles an ingredient that offers the body much-needed warmth during these cold winter months and that fits in perfectly in this recipe: sesame seeds. They add crunch and even more flavor.

So go on, make these. And if you live to be a hundred, don’t blame me! 😉