Christmas Leftovers Idea – My Picky Eater

These muffin tins are a great way to wrap up Christmas leftovers for your guests or to bring a helping of food to friends or family who can’t be there on Christmas Day.

A silver foil muffin tin brimming with Christmas leftovers.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas day without tons of leftovers. I always overcook for fear of running out of food, but the good thing is I send everyone home with lots of leftovers.

I saw these aluminum muffin tins and thought it would be a great way to wrap food for guests or even take a portion of Christmas dinner to a friend or family member who may be ill or elderly and unable to leave the house.

A Christmas feast on a Christmassy wooden table.

I bought them from Amazon but also saw them on Ebay and some online home goods stores.

Stuff with turkey, ham, hash browns, vegetables, stuffing or any leftovers. Then cover with aluminum foil and the tray can be placed directly in the oven to heat up.

They’re reusable too!

Picture shows foil muffin tin.

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