Cook the breakfast cure using a stovetop method

Cook the breakfast cure using a stovetop method

While the slow cooker and Instant Pot methods offer a “set it and forget it” approach to cooking our meal kits, a common question we get around here is, “Can I cook the Cura de breakfast on the stove?” Yes, and there are many reasons why cooking breakfast over a fire could be useful, so we offer our suggestions for success. If you want to try our flavors without breaking a sweat on the right appliance, you can cook the Breakfast Cure using a stovetop method.

All of our flavors can be cooked this way, but many of the whole grains take a few hours, so we recommend starting with white rice recipes like Mango and Sticky Rice and Masala Chai. Stay close, pay attention, stir and add water if needed.

You will be rewarded with your Breakfast Cure. It will come out just as it’s supposed to and provide all the benefits of breakfast that feels like a hug. It will take approximately 1-2 hours.

A packet of Masala Chai Breakfast Cure

Step 1:

Select a saucepan with as thick a bottom as possible. Pour the contents of a Breakfast Cure packet into the pan, opening the healthy fat packet if there is one, and adding that as well.

heavy-bottomed pans to cook the breakfast cure using a stovetop method

Second step:

Pour the contents of the package into the pot.

pour the contents of the masala chai breakfast care package into the saucepan

Add the coconut cream.

adding healthy fat coconut cream to the potAdd the suggested amount of water plus half a cup.

pour water to cook the breakfast cure with a stove method

Step Three:

Select a long-handled spoon that you will enjoy stirring with many times.

Four steps:

Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. stir

stirring the Chef Masala Chai with a breakfast treat

Five steps:

Keep stirring as needed to prevent sticking and add water whenever the Breakfast Cure thickens and starts to stick. This method will use about twice as much water as slower methods due to evaporation.

Step six:

When cooking Breakfast Cue using a stovetop method, be sure not to leave the pan unattended as you will need to stir frequently and add more water. Every pot and stove is different, so paying attention to your particular setup is the key to success. Depending on your stove and pan, you may be able to lower and cover, or semi-cover between stirring.

Breakfast Cura cooking on the stove

Step Seven:

Once the rice starts to break down and the consistency of the Breakfast Cure is creamy, it’s ready. Serve and top as desired.

Step Eight:

A bowl of Masala Chai Breakfast Cure congee with topping

Relax, enjoy and see if you can feel the embrace of breakfast!

If you like a caffeinated black tea, brew the included Assam tea and pour in when serving or stir anytime during brewing.

Ready to cook the breakfast cure using a stovetop method?

Come to Masala Chai and Mango and Sticky Rice to start now. These two flavors are also part of our Popular Sampler!

Note: This copper pot was one of my mother’s most treasured kitchen tools. Thank you, mom!

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