Cowboy Caviar Cathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Cowboy caviar Great as a dip, relish, salad, salad topping, side dish, taco topper, and on potatoes, tofu scrambles, or any dish you like. A quick and easy soccer snack for your next game! This cowboy caviar recipe is ready in minutes!

Cowboy caviar on a serving platter on the table

It’s football season! When I plan a get together, I pick the freshest and healthiest dips and recipes. Therefore, I decided to make my own unique version of cowboy caviar. My mom used to make a cowboy caviar recipe when I was little. Unfortunately, his version was loaded with oily dressing and canned corn.

For my cowboy caviar recipe, I chose fresh corn on the cob. First, I roast and cut the cobs. Then, I grabbed my favorite veggies and dressed them in an oil-free fresh lime juice dressing without using any oil or fat.