Cymris has upgraded its algae farm to double its mission to replace fish – vegetarian

Simris Group AB (formerly Simris Alg AB) recently announced that following a deep cleaning and various upgrades at its algae farm operation in Hammenhög, Sweden in January, its algae growth rate tripled the previous record rate.

Simris Group is a pioneering Swedish agribusiness growing microalgae founded in 2011 by Frederika Golft. In addition to growing algae, the company identifies high-value, natural, biologically active compounds (such as EPA and DHA omega-3) in microalgae and cyanobacteria to extract for skin care, nutritional and biopharmaceutical applications.

In 2020, Symris announced a capital raise to launch its products in the US market, claiming it had developed an industrial process to produce omega-3 as an alternative to fish oil and krill.

Frederica Golfot is the founder of Symris
Simris founder Frederica Golft © Simris

Natural products

Cymris sustainably grows microalgae and cyanobacteria under optimized industrial-scale conditions in a photobioreactor facility to obtain its components. It claims to have a library of over 1,200 cyanobacterial producer strains and has already identified over 5,000 natural products with potential applications in multiple industries.

The company’s CPG portfolio includes Simris ALGAE OMEGA-3 capsules in three presentations: regular, for mothers and for athletes. Its capsules are 100% plant-based, derived from algae and GMO-free.

Products of Cymris
© Simris

fish replacement

According to the company, omega-3s are essential fatty acids, meaning we must get them from our diet, usually by consuming supplements made with fish and seafood.

The group’s vision is to replace fish-derived ingredients to reduce pressure on marine ecosystems by transforming the industry with new solutions and innovative products straight from the source: algae.

Simris is a supplement derived from algae
© Simris

Algae farm upgrade

“The results exceeded our expectations. This is the healthiest and fastest growing algae culture I have seen in my nine years with Cymris. We are currently installing LED lights in a larger furnace, where we expect to see similar results. Overall, we expect to be able to double our average historical yield over a rolling twelve month period,” Hannes Hall, head of algae firm Symris Group AB, said.

Simris said some of the enhancements include sterilizing the glass of its photobioreactors, improving the lighting system with LG growth medium and LED bulbs, and avoiding using chemicals in all incoming water.

Julian Reed, CEO of Cymris Group, said: “Doubling the amount of biomass and increasing the yield of fucoxanthin will enable more sales at higher margins. We can start harvesting late Q2 with new B2B shipments from early Q3.”

Fucoxanting is Carotenoids Found in microalgae used in nutraceuticals for weight loss and cleansing. (Stay tuned, maybe the company will launch a new product soon).

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