Debut of Violife Professional “Easy Melt” American Slice Fast Melt Vegan Cheese

Violife Professional, the food service arm of Violife, announced that it is launching Violife Just Like American Slice Easy Melt. Available in food service establishments, the product provides faster melting cheese for menu applications such as burgers, sandwiches and wraps. Violife Professional will showcase its dairy-free cheese portfolio at the upcoming National Restaurant Show, taking place May 20-23 in Chicago.

“There is still significant room for growth in the dairy-free cheese category, and as the category leader, we believe we are best positioned to lead this growth.”

The new Easy Melt Cheese is pre-sliced ​​and can be used in hot and grilled foods as well as cold sandwiches, trays and buffets. Made with coconut oil, the product is free of gluten, soy, nuts, lactose and GMOs and provides an “excellent” source of vitamin B12.

As a new quick-melting cheese alternative, Easy Melt Slices are Available for use in restaurants, QSRs, educational institutions, cafes and more. As a leading plant-based cheese brand, Violife expanded its presence in the US market with its first launch Dairy-free sour cream and its exclusive partnership with Planet Based Foods Supplier of plant-based cheeses.

Hemp-based meat burgers with cheese
© Planetary Foods

Leading the category

In a recent interview with Vegconomist, Violife USA Chief Marketing Officer Brian Orlando said the company recognizes the many challenges facing the plant-based cheese market and aims to lead the change:

“While milk alternatives have become staples in many consumers’ homes, far fewer still buy dairy-free cheese,” says Orlando. “The dairy-free cheese category still has significant room for growth, and as the category leader, we believe we are best positioned to lead this growth and become the next generation of cheese.”

Vegan Grilled Cheese Violife Tan
© Biolife

He added, “Now we need to raise awareness of our delicious, dairy-free cheese alternatives that are more easily digestible by your body and better for the environment. Availability and awareness will ultimately lead us to expand the alt-cheese category in North America and win over those looking for a dairy-free alternative.”

The Violife professional team will be at the National Restaurant Association Show May 20-23, where attendees can sample a Violife cheese board and more at Violife Cafe (booth #882).

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