Easy Avocado Sauce (Guasacaca) – Mom’s comfort food

Tips for making the best avocado sauce

avocados. You need ripe avocados to make avocado sauce. The little avocados (Hass) taste the best in my opinion. The large ones with light green skin are tempting but lack flavor. Extra tip: When buying avocados, make sure the “button” or brown stalk is still in the avocados; This little guy acts as a seal to keep air out of the avocado, keeping it fresh.

oil. Please use a light tasting oil to make this easy avocado sauce. Vegetable, corn, canola, or avocado oil work great; Olive oil not so much because its flavor overpowers the avocado flavor.

Adjust to your liking. After processing all the ingredients to smooth, taste, and season as needed, add more salt or lime. If you like it spicy, you can replace the green pepper with a jalapeño.

Salt. I recommend adding just a teaspoon of salt to start, then adjusting as needed.

lime Juice should be fresh.

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