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do it yourself Homemade vanilla sugar! only 2 ingredients And 5 minutes This is required to prepare aromatic Use it in sugar cakes, cookies, ice cream, coffee, oatmeal and more. it is Easy to prepare And makes such a great gift!

Homemade vanilla sugar in a glass jar.

⭐️ Why you should try this recipe

  • It is much cheaper than buying from the store. Plus, it packs more vanilla flavor, I’m sure you’ll never buy vanilla sugar again!
  • It is incredibly versatile. You can use it to add a subtle flavor to cookies or cupcakes, use it as a topping for oatmeal, or sweeten your morning coffee or tea!
  • It is very simple. Made in 5 minutes with just 2 basic ingredients. It couldn’t be simpler than that.

📘 What is vanilla sugar?

Vanilla sugar is just sugar Infused with vanilla beans. It’s a fantastic ingredient that takes baked goods and drinks to the next level.

Ingredients like light brown sugar and vanilla beans.

🥣 How to make vanilla sugar

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • sugar – Basically, any sugar will work. Here, I used granulated brown sugar, but you can also use white sugar. Be aware that using a darker sugar such as coconut sugar or dark brown sugar will not bring out the vanilla flavor as much. I also recommend avoiding powdered sugar as it will cause clumping due to the moisture in the vanilla beans.
  • Vanilla beans – You can use Tahitian or Madagascar vanilla beans. I used a ratio of 1 vanilla bean for every 1 cup of sugar for concentrated flavor. You can obviously play with that ratio and use 1 bean for every 2 cups of sugar, it will be a little less fragrant but still delicious! And if you’re wondering what to do with leftover vanilla beans, check out my homemade vanilla extract recipe.
Stir the vanilla seeds into the light brown sugar.

Here are the steps to make vanilla sugar:

  1. Add sugar A mixing bowl.
  2. Slice the vanilla bean Cut in half lengthwise and scrape off the seeds using a thin knife.
  3. Transfer Add the vanilla seeds to the sugar and stir to combine. Be aware that seeds tend to clump together, so use a small whisk to break them up.
  4. Chop the vanilla bean Cut into 1-inch pieces and add to the sugar. Make sure the vanilla bean pieces are submerged in the sugar.
  5. Transfer Put the sugar in a clean glass container and infuse it for at least a week.

📔 Tips

  • If you have trouble mixing the vanilla bean seeds evenly with the sugar, you can Place sugar and vanilla bean seeds in a food processor And give them a few pulses until completely combined.
  • If you’re making a recipe that calls for vanilla bean seeds, Empty beans are not garbage! Add in your vanilla sugar for a deeper flavor!

🍮 Where to use vanilla sugar

You can use vanilla sugar in most desserts instead of regular sugar Extra flavor and freshness. It works especially well in chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, ice cream, vegan creme caramel, and cakes.

You can also use it Sweetening hot drinks Like coffee, tea or lattes. Vanilla sugar also makes a great topping for oatmeal!

Crushed vanilla beans in light brown sugar.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean? No, the vanilla extract will combine the liquid and sugar. You need to use vanilla beans or pure vanilla powder. If using vanilla powder, you want to use about ¾ teaspoon for every cup of sugar.
  • How long can I keep vanilla sugar? You can keep vanilla sugar almost indefinitely in a glass jar at room temperature.
  • Can I add more flavor to the sugar? Yes! For vanilla cinnamon sugar you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon!
  • Should I omit the vanilla extract if I use vanilla sugar? I would not recommend omitting vanilla extract in sweet recipes, even if you use vanilla sugar. Try to think of vanilla sugar as a way to add an extra layer of flavor. For drinks like coffee, tea, or lattes, vanilla extract is not necessary if vanilla sugar is used.

I hope you like this homemade vanilla sugar recipe! It’s a Excellent material It’s easy to prepare, versatile and perfect for bakers!

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A jar of homemade vanilla sugar.

📖 Recipe

Easy homemade vanilla sugar

Learn to make Aromatic vanilla sugar At home! Use it in cookies, ice cream, oatmeal or to sweeten your coffee and tea. Only 2 ingredients And 5 minutes is required!

Q Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

serving 1 the cup

calories 34 kcal


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  • Place the sugar in a mixing bowl.

  • Slice the vanilla bean in half using a sharp knife. Scrape out the seeds and place in a bowl of sugary mixture.

  • Mix the sugar with the vanilla seeds using a whisk or wooden spoon. Stir until the vanilla seeds are no longer powdered.

  • Transfer the vanilla sugar to a clean glass jar. Cut the empty vanilla bean pods into 1-inch pieces and dip them in the sugar.

  • Wait at least 1 week before using vanilla sugar. It will keep for up to 1 year at room temperature.


  • If you have trouble mixing the vanilla bean seeds evenly with the sugar: You can place the sugar and vanilla bean seeds in a food processor and pulse them a few times until fully combined.
  • If you’re making a recipe that calls for vanilla bean seeds, Empty beans are not garbage! Add in your vanilla sugar for a deeper flavor!
  • Ratio: I used 1 vanilla bean for every 1 cup of sugar for a very deep flavor, but you can play with that ratio and use just 1 bean for every 2 cups of sugar.


Worship: 1 table spoon | Calories: 34 kcal | Sugars: 8.8 g | Sodium: 3 mg | Potassium: 12 mg | Sugar: 8.7 g | Calcium: 7 mg

Course: Spicy, sweet
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