Enjoy the best English breakfast in London at the Historic Regency Cafe

While we were in London, our friend Michael from Symmetry Breakfast recommended a few places for breakfast, the first of which was the Regency Cafe, which has been serving delicious full English breakfasts since 1946! We headed there one morning to start a day of exploring Westminster, such as the changing of the guard and Westminster Abbey. Now, I may need to do more research, but I’d put Regency Cafe up there with one of the best breakfasts in London.

The Regency Cafe is a delight. The space is lined with cream-colored tiles, carpeted floors, and hard-back booths. Half curtains cover the windows, photos of famous sports figures hang on the walls. It is full of local people. A line snakes toward the door but moves quickly.

You order at the counter and your food comes out like lightning. When we visited, the lady at the counter dished out orders loudly and efficiently in a deep, high-pitched voice, calling out your selections to the crew behind. “Breakfast, beans, toast!” Although not hostile, he moved with the efficiency of a drill sergeant.

All four of us ordered the house signature, the full breakfast, an English breakfast with an egg, bacon (which is back bacon, not belly, so close to ham for the US), sausage, beans or tomatoes, toast or bread , tea or coffee. Breakfast is £6.95 and you can add hash browns, black pudding and bubble and squeak (potato and cabbage mixed and fried).

What can I say, other than it was glorious.

I opted for the fried egg, bacon, beans and sausage. English sausages, or bangers, have the most wonderful texture: finely ground meat with spices and breadcrumbs in a crispy casing. You can’t beat it.

Beth chose the grilled tomatoes over the beans and added more bubbly and squeaky hash browns.

The hustle and bustle and crowds can be intimidating, but people circulate and tables open quickly, so you’ll be able to find a seat in no time.

I will make the Regency Cafe a regular stop anytime we are in London. They really do serve one of the best English breakfasts I’ve ever had, and it’s also hard to beat the historical digs and sense of local color.

Regency Cafe
17-19 Regency St.
Westminster, London SW1P 4BY

Web: regencycafe.has.restaurant

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