Europe’s SimplyV is launching the first plant-based cream cheese bar in the US

SimplyV, a new brand from Europe-based Franklin Foods, announced that it is expanding its popular plant-based cream cheese into the US market. Made with almonds, Franklin says the chef-tested product offers the same flavor and texture as dairy cream cheese and will roll out to foodservice and grocers in March 2023.

“We believe our new cream cheese is the creamiest of all plant-based cream cheese options.”

According to SimplyV, its plant-based cream cheese has been the market leader in Europe for the past five years, and this is the first time the product will be available to US consumers. The launch will include the ‘first’ dairy-free cream cheese sold in bars, in addition to tubs and single serve cups.

Simply V cream cheese is described as a versatile option that can be used for spreading, whipping and thickening. The product is also free from soy, palm oil, lactose and gluten and will be offered in this format:

  • food service – Original flavor in 1oz. portion cup, a 5-pound tub, and a 30-pound box
  • Retail customers – Original in 8-oz. Bars and 8-oz cups in three flavors—Original, Strawberry and Onion and Chive

“Simplivy is an excellent option for any restaurant or foodservice operation looking to add more plant-based options to their menus or grocers looking to add more plant-based products to their shelves,” said Emma Err, president and CEO of Franklin Foods. .

Simply V European Vegan Cream Cheese
© Simply V

He continued, “SimplyV has an incredibly delicious flavor profile, and in blind taste tests, it outperformed two major plant-based competitors on the most important attributes—flavor and creaminess. You can easily spread this plant-based cream cheese on a bagel and it can stand on its own when used in baking or as a recipe ingredient.”

Best cheese practice

The brand says the products are made in the USA and that the products, recipes and packaging are designed for American consumers, using plant-based cheese know-how and European best practices.

To meet its sustainability goals, SimplyV says it uses nuts straight from farms that respect bees, farmers and the environment. The brand selects farms to use their micro-irrigation systems, solar-powered irrigation systems and certified bee-friendly farming practices.

Bagels and dairy-free cream cheese
© Simply V

“We believe our new cream cheese is the creamiest of all plant-based cream cheese options,” says Aer. “Not only does it taste great, it’s good for us and our planet. We are confident that the US market will ‘spread’ the love for Simplivi the way the European market has embraced our products.”

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