Five Reasons to Follow Compassion for Animals on TikTok

Did you know Compassion for Animals is on TikTok? It’s true! We post many interesting videos that are always informative, animal-centric and compassionate. Here are five reasons why you should follow us on TikTok!

1. Vegan Products, Recipes, and Restaurants

Our TikTok account is full of delicious new plant-based products, delicious recipes and even restaurant profiles.


We got our hands on the new plant-based chicken sandwich from @Burger King !! 😎 The Impossible Chicken Sandwich will be on the menu in Cincinnati, Ohio for a limited time, but if the success of the chain’s Impossible Whopper is any indicator, we can expect it to become a regular menu item! 🙏 Would you try the Impossible Chicken Sandwich if it was offered in your area? #burgering #vegansoftikt

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We were the first to get our hands on Burger King’s plant-based chicken sandwich, sharing mouth-watering footage with our followers.

We love profiling vegan companies, and Esther’s Jewish Deli is a great example! We stopped by to sample some of their classic deli offerings during Jewish Heritage Month.


Here are three ways to replace eggs in Bisquick! 🥞😋 🍏 ¼ cup applesauce per egg 🍌 1/2 mashed banana per egg 🍠 ¼ cup sweet potato and 2 Tbsp. of water per egg

♬ Original word – Compassion for Animals

Interested in trying new vegetarian recipes and experimenting with plant-based hacks? Keep an eye on us on TikTok! In this video, we show a few ways to make vegan pancakes using Bisquick.

2. Breaking news

Want to stay up to date on the latest vegan and animal-related news and research? Compassion for Animals TikTok has you covered.


The US government has officially banned the deadly driftnet! 🦈🐬 In order to catch swordfish and thresher sharks, numerous large marine animals also fall prey to the gaping holes in the nets. Please consider supporting our important work so we can continue to send brave investigators into the field to expose such horrific cruelty, pressure food companies to do better for animals, and help pass laws that protect both land and sea. Protects farmed animals better. . Organic links. 💙 #driftnets #fishing #commercialfishing

♬ Original word – Compassion for Animals

We share timely developments, such as when the United States finally banned deadly driftnets in federal waters.

If you’re curious about what’s happening in Washington, our TikTok account has the answers. We quickly announced groundbreaking policy news when US Senator Cory Booker announced federal legislation aimed at reforming the nation’s food system.

Compassion for Animals’ TikTok account is full of interesting research. Did you know that top meat and dairy producers emit as much methane as the entire European Union?!

3. Never-before-seen footage

Compassion for Animals investigators are brave enough to capture footage of factory farms around the world in horrific and dangerous conditions—and much of that footage is available on our TikTok page!

Ready to be out? These waves are not water – they are waste from a factory farm Bet you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Our TikTok also showcases the work of our global team, including an undercover investigation into an egg farm in Brazil.

You may even find members of our policy team advocating for animal-friendly laws (and against bad laws).

4. Important information

We use our videos to share touching facts and interesting facts with our followers.

Did you know you can spy on factory farms from space? That’s one of the things you’ll learn by scrolling through Mercy For Animals’ TikTok account.

Eggs are all over the news these days, but something many outlets don’t cover is the suffering of the hens who lay the eggs. We always share the perspective of animals.


Babies belong with their moms, NOT in cages. 😢 Denied essential nurturing and opportunities to explore, calves in the dairy industry are often taken away from their moms shortly after birth and forced to live in confinement. #mercyforanimals #loveanimals #dairyindustry #dairyisscary #veal #tryplantbased #fightanimalcruelty

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While many of us know that calves used for calving are often confined to small cages, did you know that female calves are also confined to isolated hutches?

5. Celebrity Voices

Get the latest on your favorite animal-friendly celebrities and influencers on our TikTok account.

For Women’s History Month, we profiled several incredible women in the movement—including Angela Davis!

Wondering how to change the world? James Cromwell has the answer!


So why should we eat more plant-based foods? Here is an important factor: lack of water. The United Nations estimates that two-thirds of people will live in water-stressed countries by 2025. Alyssa White-Glues and Mercy for Animals want you to help animals and the planet by choosing more plant-based foods. Pass it! #passiton @alissawhitegluzofficial

♬ Original word – Compassion for Animals

In this video, Alyssa White-Gluge, powerhouse vocalist of heavy metal’s Arch Enemy, explains why eating plants is good for your body and the planet.

There you have it! Five perfectly good reasons to follow Compassion for Animals on TikTok. So what are you waiting for? Go there now!

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