Fried salmon with garlic and dill

Fresh ingredients are key to the great flavor of this Garlic Dill Seared Salmon.

Fried salmon with garlic and dill.

Fresh herbs are the key to a healthy, tasty cuisine. If you don’t usually buy fresh herbs on a regular basis, I recommend picking up a few the next time you visit the grocery store. Today’s recipe is designed to inspire you to reach for fresh dill! I often cook with dill, whether in a dressing or mixed into a salad, but today I’m sharing my Garlic Dill Roasted Salmon.


  • Salmon: I prefer to use wild salmon in my cooking, both wild-caught and farmed salmon are great sources of omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Olive oil: A heart-healthy oil for coating and marinating the salmon.
  • Garlic: Nutty, pungent and aromatic that sweetens when cooked.
  • Dill: Light, fresh, slightly sweet taste, very commonly associated with pickles, but delicious in many dishes.
  • lemon: The tart citrus flavor using both zest and fresh lemon slices pairs beautifully with seafood and dill.

How to cook roasted salmon with garlic and dill

Liz chops dill

Start by chopping your fresh dill.

Put olive oil in the bowl

Then put the olive oil in a small bowl.

grate garlic

Then use a micro-slicer to freshly grate your garlic into the oil.

Adding dill to olive oil

Add your fresh dill.

Lemon Lemon

Finally, grate the lemon and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.

Whisk together the dill and garlic marinade

Stir everything together until fully blended.

Season salmon with salt

Then take your salmon fillets, season them with salt and place them on a prepared baking sheet.

Brush salmon with marinade

Spread your olive oil mixture evenly over your salmon.

Layer lemon slices on salmon

Finally, place your lemon slices on top (I use the same lemon that I peeled). Toss in the oven at 375 and broil until the salmon is flaky, about 15 minutes.

Forkful of roasted salmon with garlic and dill.

Serve garnished with additional dill or lemon juice and enjoy your garlic and dill roasted salmon!

Frequently asked Questions:

Should I cover my salmon when I bake it in the oven?

nope! I always bake my fish open.

How do you know when the salmon is cooked?

Fish cooks pretty quickly so keep an eye on it. Salmon should cook to an internal temperature of 145C if you have a meat thermometer, but the easiest way to check is to gently press the top with a fork and see if it flakes.

What goes well with salmon?

Fried salmon with garlic and dill

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Liz eats fried salmon with garlic and dill.

Whether you’re a seafood fan or not, my Roasted Salmon with Garlic and Dill will be as a hit in your home as it is in mine.

Your fork is waiting.

Fried salmon with garlic and dill

Fried salmon with garlic and dill

Fresh ingredients are key to the great flavor of this Garlic Dill Seared Salmon.

PREPARATION: 10 minutes

A COOK: 20 minutes

TOTAL: 30 minutes

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Servings: 2

  • Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and prepare a baking dish by lining it with foil.

  • Meanwhile, toss olive oil with minced garlic, dill, lemon zest, sea salt, and pepper.

  • Spread the olive oil mixture evenly on each salmon fillet.

  • Place the fillets in the prepared casserole dish and top with lemon slices.

  • Fry for 15-20 minutes until the fish comes off easily with a fork.

Calories: 282kcalCarbohydrates: 0.5GProtein: 33.7GFat: 15.2GSaturated Fatty Acids: 2.3GCholesterol: 94mgSodium: 638mg

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