Gut healing low FODMAP chicken broth

If you’re looking to heal your gut with collagen-rich bone broth or just need a base for a low-FODMAP soup, this low-FODMAP chicken broth recipe is right in your back pocket. It’s easy, nutritious, and a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made broth from the store. All you need are chicken wings, carrots, herbs, and a slow cooker or stockpot on the stovetop.

Gut Healing Recipe for Low FODMAP Soup and Chicken Broth in a

One of the problems with cooking low-FODMAP dinners is that you can’t use many store-bought quick condiments and sauces since they usually contain garlic or onions. Bone broth for low FODMAP soup is no different, which is why I made sure to include a low FODMAP chicken broth recipe in my book SIBO Made Simple.

It’s supposed to be one of those pocket-sized dishes that doesn’t even need a recipe, but I know a lot of people start to feel a little lost as to what to include when so many flavorings are off-limits.

Slow Cooker Healing Low FODMAP Chicken Broth for Soup Recipe
Gut healing low FODMAP chicken broth for soup recipe

And yet, drinking bone broth can be incredibly healing for people with leaky gut who are dealing with SIBO treatment or who just want to support their digestive system.

Why is bone broth good for the gut?

When animal bones simmer for hours, they release amino acids, collagen, and nutrients that help your body rebuild tissues. This is especially important for repairing the tight junctions of your gut.

For this reason, drinking bone broth is a great addition to any stage of the SIBO process. Swapping your morning tea or coffee for bouillon or broth is a salve for the digestive system, helps keep blood sugar stable for the rest of the day, and protein and healthy fats can keep you full for longer.

Making your own broth is also an important first step toward cooking for a low-FODMAP diet, since most commercial broths contain garlic and onions.

What is the difference between chicken broth and bone broth?

Bouillon and broth are used interchangeably these days, but typically bone broth takes longer to cook and is richer in collagen, which is why they typically use the term bone broth when talking about gut healing. However, chefs think the whole concept is silly because it’s essentially the same thing the Stock people have been making for centuries.

Gut healing low FODMAP chicken broth for soup recipe
Slow Cooker Healing Low FODMAP Chicken Broth for Soup Recipe

How long should you boil good healing bone broth?

You can cook this low-FODMAP chicken broth for as long as you like! If you’re using the stovetop method, you may need to add more water periodically if you’re simmering for more than 4 hours. You can cook it in a slow cooker for up to 24 hours! The broth will only get darker and richer and more concentrated as it develops. I think the sweet spot is around 8 hours in the slow cooker, or 6 hours on the stovetop on low.

Should You Add Vinegar to Chicken Bone Broth?

Although I didn’t include it in this low-FODMAP bone broth recipe, vinegar helps draw more minerals from animal bones. If you don’t mind the taste, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the broth. Vinegar is also helpful for keeping blood sugar levels steady, so it’s a wonderful addition if you’re drinking broth for breakfast.

What other herbs and vegetables can I add to this low FODMAP chicken broth?

Consider this low-FODMAP chicken broth recipe just a starting point. Homemade broth is also a fantastic way to compost kitchen scraps and be a little greener at home. Feel free to “recycle” any wayward herb stalks, carrot peels, and other random chunks of this and that you have lying around.

Low FODMAP chicken broth in a slow cooker with chicken wings and carrots

I keep a resealable plastic bag in the freezer and add it during the week while I’m making my meal, then make a large batch of broth over the weekend. Try to avoid citrus peels, starchy vegetables, bitter greens, and sulfurous cabbage vegetables.

Great options include: carrot peels, any herbs, bell peppers, and a little celery (see my note in the recipe).

Can I make this low FODMAP beef broth?

Beef broth benefits from roasting the bones first. To make a low-FODMAP beef broth, substitute 4 pounds of beef bones (Ask your butcher about knuckle bones, oxtail, or marrow bones cut 2 inches thick) for the chicken carcass.

Roast the bones on a rimmed baking sheet in a 250F oven, turning every 10 minutes, until the bones are deeply browned and fragrant, about 30 minutes total. Transfer the entire contents of the pan (bones, juices, etc.) to a 6- to 8-quart stockpot or slow cooker along with the other ingredients in this low-FODMAP stock recipe.

Gut Healing Recipe for Low FODMAP Soup and Chicken Broth in a

Can I make this low FODMAP stash vegan?

To make a low-FODMAP vegetable stock, omit the chicken bones, double in the carrots, and add 1 cup roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley (stalks and leaves), 1/2 roughly chopped bell pepper, and 2 tablespoons tomato paste.

For even more flavor, coarsely chop the carrot and sauté in 2 tablespoons of garlic-infused oil over medium-high heat before adding the pepper and tomato paste and cooking for another minute. Add the remaining ingredients and the water.

Can I make this low histamine chicken broth?

While the collagen in bone broth is generally a boon to gut health, if you have histamine dysregulation, you might find that soups and stews that rely on slow-cooked broths can cause symptoms.

Slow Cooker Healing Low FODMAP Chicken Broth for Soup Recipe

In general, anything that’s cooked quickly has less histamine in it. The slow cooker is not your friend! To make this recipe low in histamine, simply simmer the broth on the stovetop over medium-high heat for a maximum of 2 hours. Better yet, use a pressure cooker or Instapot!

How does it compare to store-bought low FODMAP chicken broth?

There are so many benefits to making your own low FODMAP stash at home – it’s cheaper and way tastier. But in a pinch, I like this brand of stocks purchased in the store.

The best low FODMAP recipes you can make with this broth!

For more healthy soup recipes, click here. Read on for the low FODMAP chicken broth recipe!

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Slow Cooker Healing Low FODMAP Chicken Broth for Soup Recipe

Gut healing low FODMAP chicken broth

This low-FODMAP chicken broth can be made from a leftover roast chicken carcass or fresh chicken wings, which are cheap and have a high bone-to-meat ratio. Other low-FODMAP spices include carrots, bay leaves, rosemary, and peppercorns, which add some flavor and depth to the broth. We’re leaving out onions and garlic, of course, but unless you’re very sensitive, 1 stalk of celery is probably safe as you probably won’t be consuming more than 1 liter of broth in one sitting. However, I’ve left it off the main ingredients list in case you’re worried.

course Soup

kitchen American

diet Gluten-free, low in lactose

keyword lowFODMAP

preparation time 5 protocol

cooking time 4 hours

portions 3 liter


  • 1 chicken carcass or 1 pound uncooked chicken wings
  • 2 carrots halved in width
  • 4 sprigs of thyme or 2 sprigs of rosemary or 1/2 teaspoon dried
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 tablespoon black peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon sea-salt


  • In a 6- to 8-quart stockpot or slow cooker, add the chicken carcass or wings, carrots, thyme or rosemary, bay leaves, black pepper, and salt. Cover the ingredients with 4 liters of filtered water or enough to submerge them while leaving an inch of space at the top. Cook on low for at least 4 hours, or up to 12 hours if using a slow cooker. Use a ladle to skim the foam off the surface.

  • Over a large bowl or liquid measuring cup, strain the broth through a fine mesh strainer, discarding the solids once or twice if too much has collected. Taste for seasoning and add more salt as needed.

  • Pour the chicken broth into three 1-liter ball jars or airtight containers and refrigerate to drink throughout the week. Alternatively, you can freeze the containers for future cooking.

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