How Throwing Out the Scale Can Help You Love Your Body!

You are not defined by your weight – yet many people see this number on the scale as a measure of their self-esteem. This obsession increases your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which can have all sorts of negative effects on your well-being.

I was there. I would see that silly number on the scale as a reflection of myself, which greatly affected my self-esteem and increased my insecurities. All this worrying was not doing me any good – in fact, it was a major stressor that was straining my relationship with my precious body. Instead of connecting into my body and mind through feeling, I disconnected through measurements and numbers.

Libra really is a slippery slope in many ways. If you weigh yourself and don’t like the number you see, you may also feel less motivated to make healthy choices. You could take the rest of the day off and berate yourself or emotionally overeat. It’s a toxic cycle that destroys that relationship with nutrition and the joy of eating and the unique wonder of your body.

Out with the scales!

It is such a simple yet very powerful tool that I believe will help you heal your relationship with your body and your food. Especially when you work on the balance with diet and exercise, building self-confidence and body love – like I was when I finally got off the scales. Since then I haven’t looked back. Give your body the opportunity to work with its innate wisdom. Trust your body and stop focusing so much on your weight. It is not worth.

When you choose to lead a balanced, active life, your weight will naturally find its healthy range and you will be able to embrace a consistent and sustainable lifestyle.

It can rise and fall at times due to fluid, hormonal changes, and dehydration. That is normal! Remember that muscle also weighs more than fat. Really, your scale can tell you little about your well-being. Your healthy body can weigh more than you think should. Forget numbers, remember body love.

So my advice is to stay off the scale for at least 3 months – from experience you will be amazed at what happens. Suddenly, your body relaxes, your relationship with food begins to settle down, and anxiety decreases—all of which help you feel a lot more connected to your body.

The pressure of numbers and scales is incredibly taxing and exhausting for the body.

Instead, thank your body and everything it does for you every day (it’s really amazing!) and see how you really are feel. Let that be your measure.

Always there for you.

dear jessx

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