How to Get Kids to Eat Feta Cheese – My Picky Eater

If your kids only eat cheddar cheese, try this easy hack to expand the variety of cheeses they’ll be eating. I use it with feta, but it works with many other cheeses too.

My kids are cheddar cheese fans, they literally eat it with or on top of everything!

But as they get older, I’m working to expand the types of cheeses they eat.

There’s nothing wrong with your child only eating cheddar, but there’s a world of other delicious cheeses I’d love to enjoy as well.

I recently introduced her to feta. It can be a difficult cheese for children to enjoy as its flavor and texture are very different from cheddar.

It’s saltier and spicier, and has a softer, creamier texture that you might not be used to.

So to get them used to feta better, I added a small amount to dishes like pizza and pasta.

Just grate it like any other cheese. I mix it with cheddar, starting with a very small amount.

If they enjoy it, you can slowly increase the amount you give them and prepare to eventually serve it on its own.

Let me know if you try it!

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