Instant Pot Quinoa (quick release!)

Our foolproof Instant Pot Quinoa Recipe is perfectly fluffy every time and is quicker than most other Instant Pot quinoa recipes (hello quick release!).

cooked quinoa on plate.

This recipe was updated on May 2nd, 2023 to change the ratio of water to quinoa.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the benefits of cooking quinoa in an Instant Pot and share some delicious Instant Pot Quinoa recipes that you can try at home.

Benefits of Cooking Quinoa in an Instant Pot

When it comes to cooking quinoa, using an instant pot has several advantages over traditional stovetop methods.

For one, it saves time. No more waiting for the water to boil or worrying about the pot boiling over. The Instant Pot also retains more nutrients than stovetop cooking, ensuring your quinoa is healthy and nutritious.

It’s easy to use and clean, and the results are consistent every time. Plus, the Instant Pot is versatile and can be used to cook a variety of grains and ingredients.

uncooked quinoa in colander.

What you need

Just like cooking traditional quinoa on the stovetop, all you need is quinoa and liquid!

Andean millet: You can use any type of quinoa for this recipe, e.g. B. white quinoa, red quinoa or a mixture.

Fluid: This recipe calls for water, but we also made it with broth to add more flavor!

Mesh screen: We also recommend using a mesh strainer to rinse your quinoa for this recipe (which you should not skip!).

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Liquid and quinoa in Instant Pot.

Liquid to quinoa ratio

Traditional stovetop quinoa calls for a 2:1 water to quinoa ratio. We tested this ratio with the Instant Pot and it came out way too wet.

We recommend a water to quinoa ratio of 1:1.25 for super fluffy, perfectly cooked quinoa.

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1.25 cups of water

Cooking time for Instant Pot Quinoa

Some people like to use the rice cooking feature in the Instant Pot and others like a gradual natural release. If you’re anything like us, you know that natural release can be slow, painful, and even takes more time than other methods.

So we tested our recipe with a quick release. We tested times from 2 minutes to 8 minutes and 5 minutes was the golden time.

5 minutes + quick release created the perfectly fluffy quinoa that is truly foolproof every time.

fluffy quinoa in the instant pot.

Tips and tricks for cooking quinoa in an Instant Pot

  • Rinse your quinoa before cooking. This will remove any residue and ensure you don’t get a sour aftertaste.
  • Make sure your vent is turned to “Seal” instead of “Vent” before inserting your Instant Pot.
  • Use broth instead of water for extra flavor. Any type of broth will work!
  • Set your pressure to high rather than “low pressure.”
  • Use a 1:1.25 ratio of quinoa to water or broth.
  • Add salt or spices to the water for extra flavor.
Quinoa on plate.

serving suggestions

  • Peel: We’re big bowl fans, and quinoa is one of our all-time favorite things to really boost the protein and nutritional value of any bowl. Try our Thai coconut quinoa bowls.
  • Preparation of lunch: Adding quinoa to one of our healthy lunch ideas is never a bad idea! It brings you more protein and a delicious side dish!
  • Quinoa & Meatballs: One of my personal favorite things to do is substitute pasta for quinoa. Our Homemade Italian Meatballs go great with a serving of quinoa!
  • Soup/Chili: Want to spice up a broth soup? Add cooked quinoa once it’s done cooking. Add about 1 to 2 cups of cooked quinoa to taco soup, kale soup, or spicy coconut Thai curry soup.


Store quinoa in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days.

freezer instructions

Can you freeze quinoa? Freezing cooked quinoa is easy! All you have to do is let the quinoa cool completely. Then transfer it to a gallon-size freezer-safe bag. Remove as much air as possible and then seal. The quinoa can be kept for up to 3 months.

Trust me, you will love cooking quinoa in the Instant Pot. Prep is easy and cleanup is a breeze!

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