Lantern Coffee Bar & Lounge in Grand Rapids

We found a lot to explore in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, from food favorites like Real Food Cafe and Yesterdog to coffee shops like Madcap, breweries, and Founders. But there’s always something new (or something that’s been around for years) to try. Enter: Lantern Coffee Bar & Lounge.

Lantern is located in a two-level corner space downtown. The cafe and a limited amount of seating are neatly tucked away at street level, while stairs lead up to a larger seating area.

Lantern’s menu includes brewed coffee, cold meats, espresso, tea, hot cocoa and a small selection of pastries.

Based on our quick sampling, a trio of cuts, we can give a quick approval. Crafted and poured by experts.

If you are a coffee lover or looking for a quiet place to have a drink and a snack, definitely check out Lantern! They also host a variety of events, so check out their site to find out what’s happening in the space.

Cafe Bar & Lounge Lantern
100 Commerce Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 920-0209

FB: @LanternCoffee
IG: @lanterncoffeebar

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