Lentil Salad | Kathy’s Vegan Kitchen

Add more nutrient-dense salads to your weekly meal plan. This lentil salad recipe contains lentils, chickpeas, vegetables, and fruit, for a plant-protein robust salad for a perfect meal! Served with a lemony tahini dressing.

At the beginning of my plant-based journey, I ate a lot more salads, because I didn’t know what to cook. As time went on, I discovered how to ‘veganize’ the foods I loved before going plant-based. As a result, though, the salads and dense greens went by the wayside. Of course, I know the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods and balancing what I eat, so I am on a quest to bring more bright and vibrant salads back into my plan. All salads, though, are not created equal, so I made a nutrient-dense lentil salad recipe to die for.