Lizo’s 7 Favorite Vegan Snacks According to TikTok

All rumors are true – Lizzo is vegetarian. And, since 2020, she’s been very vocal about it, especially on TikTok, where she showcases everything from her homemade, multi-ingredient recipes to wacky, off-the-cuff snack pairings. If you want to snack like Lizzo (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be like the internationally acclaimed performer and artist?), we’ve listed all of her favorites for you below. But first, here’s a little more about why she decided to adopt a plant-based diet in the first place.

Why is Lizo Vegan?

Lizo hasn’t eaten meat in quite some time. Before she became a vegetarian in 2020, she was a vegetarian for seven years. But according to the singer, she decided to completely cut out animal products because it makes her feel better. “I try to keep everything I put on my body very clean. Health is something I prioritize, wherever it takes me physically. Like veganism, people were like, ‘You’re a vegetarian? What, are you roasting lettuce?” she said Vanity Fair In 2022. “I’m not a vegetarian to lose weight, I just feel better when I eat plants.”

What is Lizo’s favorite snack?

Lizzo is always posting on TikTok, and because she enjoys food (“Food is fun. I love to eat,” she tells Vanity Fair), she regularly updates followers about her favorite snacks and treats. In fact, the singer actually uses her platform as a vessel to fulfill her former dream of becoming a food critic—hence the Instagram handle, @lizzobeeating.

Ever since she posted a vegan version of McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, we’ve been hooked on Lizzo’s food videos. The star offers plenty of smoothies, salads, and mouth-watering treats, but today, we’re focusing on vegan snacks. From plant-based Hot Cheetos to toast and jam, here are seven of Lizo’s favorite vegan snacks, according to TikTok.

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1 Spicy cheese puffs

Before becoming a vegetarian, Lizzo’s favorite savory snack was a handful of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. She admits the chips triggered her acid reflux, yet she craved that cheesy, spicy crunch as a vegetarian. Looking for a plant-based alternative, she tries Peatos, Takis, Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, and Outstanding Puffs. All four received rave reviews from celebrities, which is basically as good as getting a James Beard Award for the snack category.

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2 Toast and jam

Even a quick scroll through the superstar’s videos will reveal some bread, jam and the occasional peanut butter repeat on the side. Whether it’s a toasty bagel or a slice of plain bread, Lizzo likes to slather it with strawberry or fig jam (sometimes both), Earth Balance butter, and any brand of nut butter in her pantry. Even the humble PB&J has a pull on the upper echelons of the entertainment elite.

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3 apple

Sliced, peeled or eaten whole, Lizzo seems to survive on “an apple a day”. For a hearty breakfast, she’s been seen pairing paper-thin apple slices with buttered and jam-slathered toast. It certainly boosts energy for a star that demands so much.

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4 banana

Several outlets (most notably to cut) documented Lizo’s love for banana trees. Bananas actually taste and cook differently than this soft fruit. Plantains are very starchy and can be used in sweet or savory applications, but they must be cooked before being used in a recipe. Fried plantains served with seasoned black beans or mixed into mofongo are two popular ways to enjoy this Caribbean product.



5 Cheesy Dip

In March, Lizzo charmed her followers by posting an unconventional breakfast combination: takir chips and a homemade, thick vegan cheese sauce. Like many of his videos, it went viral. The cheese sauce was easily whipped up in his high-speed blender using Japanese yam, high-protein tofu, onion, garlic, hot sauce, Kelly’s crouton parmesan, salt and pepper, follow-your-heart smoked gouda slices, and of course, a good helping of nutritional yeast. .

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6 ice cream

Lizzo shares the brand’s love for vegan ice cream. She posted several pints — everything from Van Leeuwen’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to Ben & Jerry’s Netflix and Chilled to Craig’s Vegan Vanilla. After such high-energy performances and long days in the studio, we bet a bowl of ice cream would really hit the spot.

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7 Smoothies

Sometimes it’s a green juice, other times it’s a full-on smoothie, but regardless, Lizzo is consistent on the drinkable product front. Most of her smoothies contain a combination of kale and berries. These naturally sweet morning mini-meals give her a healthy dose of nutrition and energy boost to start her day at high capacity.

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