Lizzo eats 14 of the best vegan dishes during her ‘The Special Tour’

Musical artist Lizzo turned vegan again in the summer of 2020 and we’ve been living for the vegan food and treats she’s shared on TikTok ever since. So what does the four-time Grammy Award winner eat on tour? Turns out, lots of vegan food.

Lizzo’s “The Special Tour” kicks off in September 2022 in Florida and brings the musician across 25 North American cities, including Atlanta (where he feasted on mac and cheese, elote and sauce fries); A bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich from a vegan deli in Portland, OR; and a chicken and waffle sandwich from Oh My Soul in Charlotte, NC.


He then left for the European leg of “The Special Tour” and shared a meal from Guay in Manchester, UK, before coming home. There, he got a tofu sandwich, hash browns and a side of ketchup. “This is why I love the UK,” he said in a TikTok video. “Their hash browns are always crispy, never mushy, always salty.”

After completing this leg of her tour, Lizzo turned to some nutritious comfort foods to help her recover and set a goal to get all her groceries before they went bad. Has she turned on her groceries? A variety of home-cooked meals, including the first tofu scramble she made without a recipe with vegan seitan bacon, avocado and beans, along with a big bowl of fruit drizzled with lime and topped with tajine.

For a quick lunch, Lizzo makes a tofurky sandwich filled with mashed-up purple yams “for some sustenance” with a pickle, chips and a plum. To use up the purple yams, Lizzo made a hash (which also included cabbage, onion, tofurkey and seitan bacon) with cucumber and, of course, tajine and a key lime juice with avocado toast.

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In April, Lizo discovered the vegetarian El Cocinero restaurant in Van Nuys, CA, where she sampled a jackfruit quesadilla (with a rich consommé for dipping), beans, rice, sauce spread and a rice milk horchata.

The food left him speechless and disoriented.

“You know it’s good when you’re sucking your fingers off,” Lizzo said. “This is the best vegan Mexican food I’ve had. Ever.”

She used the leftovers from this meal to make breakfast tacos with Just Egg and VioLife Cheddar.

Around Easter, Lizzo used a vegan bun loaf sent by Golden Crust to make Jamaican bun and cheese sandwiches. Later in April, Lizzo dumped Fritos into a bowl, topped them with chili, green salsa (what some call “Frito pie”) and washed down the meal with a strawberry lemonade.

Before heading back on tour, Lizzo sat down with a friend to try Nato—a fermented soybean dish popular in Japan—topped with soy sauce and mustard.

During “The Special 2Hour”, Lizo’s vegan food is preferred

The second half of his “The Special Tour” (officially called “The Special 2our”) kicked off on April 21 in Knoxville, TN where he invited a group of drag queens to perform with him and deliver a message of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.


Her first dish from an undisclosed restaurant during her St. Louis show was a Carolina peanut soup, which she said was good but could use a little spice. She celebrated her birthday on April 27 with a giant vegan cake airbrushed with her photo—during a rare hiatus from performing almost every day for months through September 2022.

The North American leg of Lizzo’s tour heads to several more cities before heading to Europe in late June. What might Lizo find along the way? In Chicago (May 17), he can stop by the super-popular Penelope’s Vegan Taqueria, which just opened its second location in the city’s Andersonville neighborhood.

In Omaha (May 19), the original location of pioneering vegan restaurant Modern Love is still holding its own in the beef-centric city. And in San Diego (May 25), Lizzo will find 15 top vegan businesses, including black-owned shop Maya’s Cookies.

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Lizo’s first stop outside the US on this leg of the tour is the UK’s Glastonbury festival, where she’ll be spoiled for choice by the plethora of plant-based options in Bristol a few miles north.

She’ll be heading to Australia in July where—we hope you’re reading this, Lizzo—the world’s only vegan version of Kraft Boxed Mac and Cheese.

And “The Special 2Hour” will conclude with a final show on July 30 in Japan, a country that has grown from 400 vegan restaurants in 2018 to 1,000 in 2020.

Unfortunately, Lizzo canceled her stop in Montreal last week due to illness – only the second time the music artist has canceled a show.

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