Love.Life Announces 100% Plant-Based Restaurant Opening in LA, Today May 5th – Vegan

Love.Life today announced the grand opening of its new restaurant, May 19 inside Culver City, California. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner service, the 100% plant-based restaurant presents the “first ingredient in love life,” which will include diet, holistic medical care and wellness therapies.

Co-founded in 2020 John McKee, Walter RobbFormer co-CEO of Whole Foods and Betsy FosterA former executive of the grocery, company acquisitions miami-based restaurant, Love Life Cafe, and recently announced the acquisition of Plant Based Telehealth which has been rebranded as Love.Life Telehealth.

“Since the beginning of Whole Foods I have been passionate about healthy eating and believe that the food we eat is the most powerful health choice we can make,” said John McKee, co-creator and CEO of Love.Life and co-founder of Whole Foods Market “The part of Love.Life’s menu dedicated to optimization is my personal favorite. These foods are not only extremely healthy and delicious, but also contain foods that increase longevity and have the potential to improve the health of people suffering from chronic health conditions.”
Oyster Mushroom Tacos © Love.Life

Love.Life says its healthy food policy excludes deep-frying, and that added oil, sugar and salt are used sparingly. By adopting Whole Foods Market’s standards, restaurants will ban the use of hydrogenated fats and more than 200 preservatives, flavors, colors and other ingredients commonly found in food.

Love.Life’s menu also includes some dishes that are best sellers at Love Life Cafe miamiA plant-based restaurant that the company acquired in 2021, featuring an award-winning veggie burger, salads and smoothies.

“We are thrilled to open our doors Culver City community,” said Betsy FosterCo-Founder and President of Love.Life.

© Love.Life

“We’ve created a dining experience that has options ranging from super nutritious meals to indulgent comfort food, so there’s something for everyone at Love.Life.”

“We want to create a different kind of plant-based restaurant that takes things a step further,” said Michael Robertson, president of the South Pacific region at Love.Life. “We’re focused on health and completely transparent, so customers know exactly what they’re ordering.”

Love.Life is located in Ivy Station at 8900 Venice Blvd on the corner of Venice and National Blvd. The 100% plant-based restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am to 10pm.

For restaurant menus and hours of operation, visit and

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