Make the best ravioli with a Braised & Broiled class

Just before Thanksgiving we enjoyed a great family night as guests of Joseph and Annie Ramsey of Braised & Broiled. In addition to offering a full line of breads, pastas, appetizers, and sweets, Braised & Broiled offers a combination cooking class and an amazing Italian dinner out of the house through AirBnb Experiences.

Joseph and Annie started Braised & Broiled for the love of cooking and bringing people together. Throughout the night they shared stories about themselves and their journey, they even wrote a book about it!

The whole experience was a delight! We were able to enjoy their company, learn how to make ravioli and then taste one of the best Italian meals we’ve had in recent years.

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely little snack table.

The main part of the class is learning how to make your own ravioli from scratch. Joseph showed us the process, then got us going as they finished the rest of the meal.

This was such a fun experience as a family as the boys learned a new skill. Joseph balanced the detailed instructions with leaving room for us to figure out the process on our own.

It was fun watching them work on preparing the meal while we took turns making ravioli.

Look at these guys! I was so proud of them for just diving in.

Ravioli is one of my favorite pastas (I have fond memories of Chef Boyardee’s ravioli growing up), so it was fun to make our own. They adapt the menu to the needs and preferences of each group; our ravioli were filled with a mixture of cheese and herbs.

When everything was ready, they prepared the food for us.

In addition to the ravioli, that night we tasted meatballs, whipped ricotta, rolls, pumpkin…

…plus roasted Brussels sprouts and mushrooms. Everything was expertly done, wonderfully seasoned Рjust a wonderful warm meal to eat.

And don’t forget dessert! They prepared a delicious tiramisu.

And to finish, we enjoyed some small cups of rich and hot chocolate.

Thanks to Joseph and Annie for inviting us into their home and sharing their talent and passion with us! It was a fun and engaging experience all around, filled with great food and instruction. They usually sleep up to six people and have some flexibility with children. Each menu is adapted to the group.

In addition to their classes, they offer gingerbread house kits, hot chocolate kits, breads, pastries, sweets, snacks and more!

Learn more about Braised & Broiled through their website:

Or book a cooking class and dinner with them through their AirBnB Experiences listing.

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