Meet Andy and Bonnie, award-winning chicken farmers

We are so amazed, honored and thankful to be recognized as a Distinguished Delmarva Chicken Farmer for 2021. Raising chickens is so much more than just making money, because it is a job that requires 100% of your effort. For us, raising chickens is a way of life, and that makes receiving this award even more of an honor. We are committed to making every day on the farm count by taking care of our birds the best we can.

This honor is even more special to us because Bonnie’s parents, Watson and Betty Jean Powell, won the Delmarva Award for Distinguished Growers 40 years ago. Although we got our own silver revere bowl, Bonnie’s mom insisted we take our silver revere bowl too – so we now have two replicas of Paul Revere’s Liberty bowl in our house.

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