Metro Germany Launches “NoPokPok” Vegan Egg Roll Made From Beans – Vegetarian

Multinational cash and carry chain METRO, which owns and operates MAKRO, has launched a vegan egg roll across all its German stores.

The new egg alternative “NoPokPok” is produced in Metelen (Münsterland) and joins the wholesale company’s offer of around 200 completely vegetarian or vegan product alternatives in the restaurant industry.

In this context it is also worth noting that Metro’s former chief executive Olaf Koch founded Zenitas in 2021, a new fund for innovative food startups, saying at the time: “The food industry is facing a significant change. Vastly changing consumer needs coupled with the need to use our planet’s resources more responsibly will lead to an unprecedented wave of innovation. We are determined to support the coming wave of innovation, accelerate it and make it sustainable.”

Vegetarian Egg Rolls
© Feldhues Fun Foods GmbH

M FOOD GROUP’s R&D team developed the vegan egg roll recipe on behalf of the Feldhues Group, through an extensive development process to provide the best possible plant-based alternative to conventional hard-boiled chicken eggs.

NoPokPok Vegan Egg Rolls can be used in a variety of ways and its firm texture can be cut with an egg slicer and processed or used as a topping or vegan egg salad. NoPokPok is not only suitable for cold dishes and sauces such as remoulade, but also for hot dishes, due to its heat resistance.

“With NoPokPok, we now have a product in our Metro range that enables the catering trade to replace a boiled egg with a vegan alternative and significantly simplifies handling thanks to its presentation form. This gives our customers the opportunity to offer their guests familiar dishes in a vegan form without any extra effort,” said Muna Suefan, Category Manager Purchasing Delicatessen & Frozen Foods, about the new products in the range.

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