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Let me show you my tried and tested favourite kid’s tableware and lunchbox accessories to make feeding kids a little easier!


Last week I shared my Favourites Kitchen Appliances showing you all the products that I use to make cooking family meals easier.

And as promised, I’m now sharing the kid’s tableware and products that I’ve used and loved over the years to make feeding the kids easier and more fun.

1. Weaning Products

We are quite a long way past weaning now. But I did want to share some of the products that I used and really liked because I know there are still a lot of you in this phase.

One brand that has stood the test of time for weaning products is Munchkin.

I used several of the Munchkin products from when Aoife was a baby and I’m pretty sure I still have some of their products floating around at home so they do last.

One of Finn’s favourite things when he was weaned was these Baby Weaning Pancakes

He still absolutely loves pancakes today but now we make these Mini Pancake Bites or these Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes.

Baby Weaning Pancakes in a green apple shaped divided plate for kids with a small portion of yogurt and some chopped banana and strawberries.

The Munchkin Lil Apple baby sectioned plates (as shown in the photo above), were perfect for the weaning phase! They are good quality and also a really affordable option.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I do know they also do a Bamboo Divided Baby Plate with a stay put suction plate. Slightly more expensive, but if mess avoidance is high on your priority list then this might be a good option.

Kid's Tableware 3 section bamboo plate with suction bottom.

2. Tableware For Toddlers & Older Kids

Feeding toddlers and even older kids who may have become fussy eaters, can be really stressful.

I have loads of tips and tricks for fussy eaters, but one of the ways you can reduce stress around mealtimes is to introduce an element of fun.

And a really easy way to do that is to use bright and colourful kids tableware.

Over the years I’ve used A LOT of different tableware for the kids, including these Fun Colourful Plates

Kids' Tableware brightly coloured square plates in pink, green and blue.

They’re microwave and dishwasher safe as well.

I often use them for breakfast like I have here in this recipe for Baked Nutella Oats Bars

A Baked Nutella oat bar with fresh chopped fruit on a bright yellow square plate with a blue fork

But if you wanted a full matching tableware set, then the classic range from Pick Plates is really bright, colorful and a good size for toddlers upwards.

And with a hidden smiley face to find, it has an added element of fun!

You can order this full Classic Set here: Pick Plates Classic Set

Kid's Tableware From Pick Plates - A full classic set showing a cutlery set, plate, bowl and cup

3. Divided Plates

Divided or compartment plates can really help to give children choice and control over their food, promote balanced meals and snacks and very importantly make food fun and appealing.

If you have been following me for a while, then you’ll know that because of the lack of suitable divided plates for older kids, (they were either too babyish or far to small) I ended up creating my own and that’s how Pick Plates was born!

The Midi

The Midi Pick Plate can be used for a main meal for 1 child or up to three children for a snack.

Children's Tableware from Pick Plates - The Midi sized pick plate in brightly coloured packaging

So for example, these are some of the ways I would use the Midi for for one child.

Crispy Chicken Nuggets

crispy chicken nuggets on the midi pick plate with potato wedges, fresh fruit and veg and tomato ketchup.

Or as a snack plate for up to three children. As you can see below, you really can fit quite a lot in due to the depth of the plate.

the Midi Pick Plate filled with chocolate chip cake bars, fresh fruit and veggies and mini breadsticks.

The Biggie

But if you are looking for something larger that would feed 2-3 children as a main meal or up to 6 children as a snack, then the Biggie Pick Plate would work for you.

In terms of what size is right, then it really just depends on how your children like to eat! And if they are happy to share. Or not as the case may be.

If you’d like to be first to be notified of New Product Launches and Special Offers from the Pick Plates Shop, then sign up here: Pick Plates Offers

Children's Tableware from Pick Plates - The Biggie sized plate in brightly coloured packaging

4. Lunchboxes & Accessories for School Lunches & Snacks

I dread to think how many packed lunches and snacks I have packed over the years for nursery and now school.

That does of course mean I’ve been through my fair share of lunch and snack boxes over the years.

There are plenty of well known lunchbox brands out there but I wanted to show you some of the smaller brands and more affordable items that I love.

Three Compartment Lunchbox

a selection of three compartment plastic lunchboxes with brightly coloured lids.

These are really affordable and a great option if you have more than one child as they come in a pack of seven.

In terms of size, they are large enough for a good sized packed lunch. I have used mine for both sandwiches and for this Nut Free Pesto Pasta

Nut free pesto pasta in a three compartment lunchbox with cucumber, strawberries and rice cakes.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

If you wanted something a bit more robust, then this one from Amazon is a really good option and something I use frequently as shown below for these:

Sausage & Veg Skewers (a great option is your kids don’t like sandwiches)

three compartment stainless steel lunchbox with sausage and veg mini skewers, fruit, veg, mini breadsticks, cheese portion, mini party rings and mini rice cakes.

Food Flasks

I’ve posted quite a lot of ideas this year for hot lunch ideas to take to school as I know a lot of kids don’t like sandwiches.

Even if they are having a packed lunch, it’s good to be able to send them into school with something filling and warm in the winter.

I’ve done Spaghetti Bolognese, Creamy Chicken Noodles and even Chicken Nuggets (see my tips on how to keep them warm BUT stop them going soggy)

chicken nuggets in the blue Mummy Cooks food flask.

I’m frequently asked which food flask I use and this one from Mummy Cooks.

They are leakproof, BPA free and they come in a nice selection of bright colours.

They are not ridiculously expensive AND they can be used to keep food cool in the summer as well so you can use them year round.

See how I use mine in the summer to keep snacks cool here!

Snack Boxes

If I’ve packed a lot of school lunches, then I’ve definitely packed up even more snacks for the kids.

If you’ve read my Week of Packed Lunch Ideas for Kids then you’ll know that I really like this Set of 3 Snack Boxes from Rex London.

They come in various different styles so there are designs that would appeal to smaller kids and slightly older ones as well.

I like that they are stackable too, which is great if you need to maximise in your cupboards like me.

set of three animal themed snack boxes from Rex London

Snack Bags

I’ve been loving these snack bags from Nom Nom Kids as well.

These can be used all the way up from weaning and come in a handy 10 pack as well as being leakproof and eco-friendly.

Snack Bags from Nom Nom Kids

Pick Sticks

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that kids love anything on a stick.

Whether you use them to make food more fun and exciting or you use them as an aid to pick up food to avoid any texture issues that your child may have with food, they work.

They can be used with a wide variety of sweet or savoury foods to make colourful and tasty meals and snacks.

Pick Sticks have been designed to fit into Pick Plates and most standard sized lunch boxes.

Here are some of the ways we use ours.

Cheese and Chicken Nuggets on Pastel Pick Sticks from Pick Plates above a Midi Pick Plate.
Mini Sausages and cherry Tomatoes on pick sticks from pick plates as part of a children's lunchbox.
mini brownie bites and strawberries on the Brights Pick Sticks.

If you have any photos showing how you use your Pick Plates or Pick Sticks, then please share them and tag us on Instagram or TikTok.

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