New month, new goals: refresh your perspective

You don’t have to wait for the new year to update your goals. You can easily use the New Month, New Goals mindset to continue your pursuit of your goals.

Notes on board the new month, new goals

A new month full of possibilities

A new year is not the only time when you can reset and implement new goals and changes. However, you can make changes every daydoing it at the turn of the month feels like it is you officially turn a page.

Sometimes the change of calendar month is enough to feel the new energy for setting and achieving goals. Use this energy to reevaluate your goals or to readjust Goals!

Reconsider past goals

Before you create your “new month, new goals,” you need to do this look back! Compare your current status to previous goals you may have had.

Did you reach them?

Have you decided to change them?

Is there a reason for new goals?

how do you feel about her

By asking yourself a few questions, you can better develop your new goals.

Person makes new month, new goals with pen and paper

Think about your new goals

If you feel like setting the same goals Oover and over againmaybe it’s time to change it. I mean this is it New month, new goal time!

First, decide whether you want to work on a goal for a small or large period of time. Would you like to achieve something in the short term (approx. 3 months) or in the long term (6 months or more)?

Next, decide what you want to focus on. Do you want to lower your cholesterol levels? keep running? Lose weight?

Then you decide how much. How much Do you want to lower your cholesterol levels? How far do you want to race How much weight do you want to lose

The final step is to set a deadline. Consider what is happening in your life, how far you are from your goal, how much time you can devote to working toward it, and any other factors that might be worrying you. Once you set a reasonable deadline, work toward it as if you can’t change it.

Use prompts for a new month and new goals

There are endless Prompts to help you discover different aspects of yourself and your goals. You can just use Google or Pinterest! In the search bar, type “goal prompts” and METRIC TONS will appear.

Try going through these 50 self-discovery journal prompts from Haylie on After that, you mind that you want to achieve something different than what you previously thought!

Diary challenges you to a new month and new goals


It’s difficult for some to set a goal because you have so many goals you want to achieve. On the other hand, setting a goal can be difficult because you may have no idea what you want to work towards.

No matter where you are, you have to do it prioritize. Decide on the main focus You want to achieve it and set it as your goal. Try not to let other potential targets crowd out your priorities.

If you work on too many things at the same time, you will never reach the main goal!

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Create a SMART goal

A SMART goal is the best way to set a goal. CLEVER stands for Sspecific, Mbearable, Areachable, Relegant, Ttime bound. By developing a goal using the SMART frameworks, you will be able to successfully achieve your goal!


It’s important to be specific when setting a goal. By being as specific as possible, there is no confusion as to what your exact end goal is.

Instead of setting a goal to “walk more,” you could change it to “take 10,000 steps a day.” This might be right for you meant by walking more, but by specifically saying you want to take a certain number of steps gives you a goal to aim for.


If you set a measurable goal, you can measure your result against different points. Basically, that means there’s a way to see progress as you work toward your goal.

If your goal is to lose 5 pounds, you can see your weight drop by 1 pound, then 2 pounds, then 3 pounds, and so on. You can measure the progress!

Side note: If your goal is to lose weight, you may find that your weight decreases and then regains… Don’t worry if the scale doesn’t always go down!


In order to achieve an achievable goal, one must be realistic. When you set a goal, you want it to require some modification and effort, but not impossible.

If you’re someone who doesn’t tend to run but has a goal to run a marathon at a 5-minute pace, that might be a bit of a stretch. You may be able to do this at some point, but is it currently viable?

The same person can choose an attainable goal, e.g. B. running two consecutive miles at a 7-minute pace or running 5 km. These are goals that require effort but are doable for the person they are on.


Decide on a goal that makes sense for you. If you’re not interested in running, why set yourself the goal of running a marathon?

Choose a destination that suits your desires want make.

Are you interested in a healthier diet? Choose goals like reading a nutrition label, creating a grocery list based on the meals you want to cook, or trying a new healthy recipe!

it just. might. Sense.

hp Read May’s article for 12 Healthy Eating Tips You Can Start Today! for more ideas if your goal is to eat healthier.

time bound

You need a deadline! It works without a deadline to It’s easy to push off what you’re working towards. There will always be excuses to procrastinate without a deadline. The same goes for a goal!

Set yourself a reasonable deadline. If your goal is to gain weight, it might seem like you’re taking three months to gain 6 pounds. Of course, this will look different for everyone, just set a goal that makes sense for you!

Compose your SMART goal

Now it’s time to put all five aspects of this goal together! Try it yourself – come up with a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

If you need help, I’ll give you some examples:

  • I will lower my total cholesterol to 190 by August by walking 4 times a week and substituting plant protein for 2 meals a week of animal protein.
  • If you’re actually trying to lower your cholesterol, check out my article Simple Changes to Lower Your Cholesterol.
  • Run a mile in under 8 minutes by March by increasing my speed by 0.1 mph on each run.
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables for 30 days starting today.

New month, new takeaway goals

Before you forget everything you just read, here are a few key points to take away:

  • You don’t have to wait for the new year to set goals
  • Use different questions and prompts to encourage self-discovery
  • Set yourself a SMART goal

If you have any inspiration to take away from this article about the new month and goals, I would appreciate it if you would leave a positive comment and share this article with a friend. This is an easy and free way to support me and this site!

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