Peach Burrata Salad – PaleOMG

Why do I always think of greens when I think of salads? Salads can be anything you want…like fruit and cheese. And burrata cheese is LIFE! I think it might be my favorite cheese of all time. The other day when I really had no idea what I was going to make for lunch, I … Read more

Cheese ham steak with bacon and mushrooms

When it comes to the holiday season, tables around the world often vary in terms of the dishes served. In the Philippine holiday festival, a dish that is almost always present is one of the beautiful hams or hamon. There’s just something uniquely delicious about a perfectly seasoned, sweet and juicy ham steak. But how … Read more

is it tomato Or To-mah-toe? Either way, we like our roast! (And they are made at home.)

Did you know that we make our famous roasted tomatoes at home? Our homegrown tomatoes are fresh, healthy and in high demand at all of our locations! If you’ve been to Boom, you know these are fan favorites. But did you know that we make our famous roasted tomatoes at home? Our homegrown tomatoes are … Read more

Tom Yum Soup » Dasana Veg Recipe

I am a total fan of soup. But I must say that Thai soups hit a different level! The earthy and robust flavors of Thai-style soups are a grand feast for the palate. Also, because soup recipes are super easy and make for one of the most delicious and filling, yet healthy meals. One of … Read more

Celery and White Bean Salad – Rancho Gordo

This is our favorite type of lettuce: crunchy, creamy and rich. We enjoyed Andy Baraghani’s book, The chef you want to be (Lorena Jones Books, 2022). There are tons of new ideas and starting points when you’re an adventurous cook. Its crunchy celery salad has shades of the old Waldorf salad your grandmother enjoyed, but … Read more

Grilled Mexican Cheese Sandwich – Oh Sweet Basil

This isn’t your average grilled cheese sandwich! We are combining 4 different cheeses with a flavored butter spread and an irresistible mayo to create a grilled Mexican cheese sandwich.   We live right by the mountains and have been loving grabbing the kids and heading up to the mountains to eat and hike or watch … Read more

Onion and cumin sourdough cookies (gluten-free)

Looking for ways to use up your gluten-free sourdough receipt? These thin, crunchy, and flavorful onion and cumin cookies are easy to make and will satisfy your salt and crunch cravings. Although I made these with my teff, millet, and sorghum starter scraps, they will work with any gluten-free scraps. Made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients, … Read more

Quinoa can make a good cookie — ScienceDaily

According to Washington State University research, “super grain” quinoa has the potential to make a super cookie. In a published study Journal of Food Science, WSU researchers show that two types of quinoa, specifically grown in Washington state, had excellent performance as potential high-fiber, high-protein flours for commercial cookies. This meant that when baked, the … Read more

CORNBREAD MUFFINS – The Southern Lady Cooks

Cornbread muffins go well with any meal. You can’t beat hot cornbread muffins straight out of the oven, spread with butter. My family loves cornbread and it has always been served with many meals around my house. These cornbread muffins are on my table several times a week and we can even have them cold … Read more