Park Service Coffee finds a new home in the Short North

After operating as a mobile trailer for over a year, Park Service Coffee has found a regular home at Woodhouse Vegan’s Short North Bakery and Cafe on Russell Street. (This space was most recently home to Boxwood Biscuit Co.)

Park Service settled downtown after moving to a regular spot across from Seventh Son Brewing, with occasional Friday pop-ups at The Lox Bagel Shop. Now they have this beautiful two-level space on the side street.

On our first visit we tasted an espresso…

…and a cut. Both wonderfully done. The Park Service also offers a seasonal menu of surefire winners.

In keeping with Woodhouse’s vegan approach, they use oat and almond milk for their drinks.

The space is decorated simply, but has those tall windows and lots of greenery.

You’ll also find a regular selection of Woodhouse’s vegan baked goods.

Congratulations to Alexia and Cole on finding a park service home!

Read about their former location here: Park Service Coffee

Park Café service
19 W. Russell St. (inside Woodhouse Vegan Cafe)
Columbus, OH 43215

IG: @parkservicecoffee

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