Plant-based brand Zrou expands across northern China with Usource, the nation’s first plant-based cheese maker – vegan

Yuquai Group International, a leading plant-based food company in China, has announced a strategic partnership with Beijing-based food distributor Yusource to expand the reach of its plant-based meat products across northern China and expand its presence in the Chinese market.

Youkuai’s plant-based meat brand Zrou is served in more than 160 locations in 18 cities, from school and corporate canteens to five-star hotels and popular restaurants. The new alliance will supply Zrou to diners, hotels, breweries and other food outlets across Beijing, Tianjin and other regions in northern China, Yukuai said in a statement.

Zrou, plant-based minced pork
© Zrou

China’s first plant-based cheese brand

USource, a Beijing-based all-natural fresh food importer, processor and distributor, has hundreds of leading hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and e-commerce platforms as clients. Previously USource was a distributor for Zhen Meet and Beyond Meet In North China.

“We are extremely excited to roll out Zrou to our existing customers, who demand the highest quality products,” said Will Kerins, co-founder of USource.

According to the statement, USource is building the production line for Grassroots, China’s first plant-based cheese brand. It will launch a variety of cheeses including shredded mozzarella, shredded cheese, chavre and dulce de leche.

“Business synergies are an essential part of our corporate strategy, and Zrou will serve as a great complement to our pipeline of both established and developing products,” Kerins added.

Zrou is the celebrity chef
© Zrou / Youkuai

The most delicious on the market

Zrou is already a favorite among China’s top F&B professionals with its products including ground meat, burger patties, meatballs and chicken nuggets.

Founded in 2019 by Franklin Yao and created by chefs, Zrou’s Kima is popular for its vegan pork. In 2021, the company raised $7.3 million and signed a distribution deal with B2B seafood supplier IS Seafood. Also, in 2021, the brand has partnered with Accor Live Limitless to serve a plant-based creative menu concept across Accor hotels in Greater China.

“Zrou’s brand and products have been on our radar since inception, and we believe their latest product iterations are some of the tastiest on the market. Given the quality of Zrou’s products and the strength of the brand, we are extremely excited to bring them on board and offer them to our customers,” continued Kerins.

Plant-based meat brand Zrou
Image credit: Zrou

Beginning of the new food movement

The alliance between Yuquai Group International and USource is a major step in creating better access to healthy, sustainable food options for consumers in northern China. With both companies offering high-quality products and a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, the strategic partnership is sure to be successful.

Franklin Yao, founder and CEO of Yuquai, said, “This is the beginning of a new food movement, and it will be driven by improved products with great value for the Chinese consumer. Finding partners who care about the entire customer experience as much as we do, keeps us on track to address food safety and food security, one meal at a time.”

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