Quick & Easy Beef and Broccoli (Video)

Recipe tips & variations

You can add your favorite vegetables to this recipe, e.g. B. snow peas, peppers, carrots, pak choi, snow peas, baby corn or mushrooms.

This juicy beef and broccoli recipe is easy to reheat, making it perfect for weekly meal prep and to-go lunches for school and work.

If you find slicing the steak difficult, place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before slicing. Freezing the meat will help firm it up, allowing you to get thinner slices.

You can add sriracha, red pepper flakes, or chili oil for a bit of spiciness, or cashews for texture.

Not a beef fan? Try sliced ​​chicken breast, shrimp, pork tenderloin, or diced tofu.

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